Activity 1&2: Volumetric Measurement & Pipette

Volumetric Measurement
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Eye levelHow can we read a volumetric measurement to avoid erroneous measurements due to parallax error?Decrease as it is heated, increase when coldHow will temperature affect volume measurement of fluid?Accurate and precise pipettingThey are skills required to prepare various diluents such as reagents and px sample when performing quantitative measurements in the clinical laboratoryPipettesA volumetric glassware that is used extensively in the laboratory20 degcelAt what temperature pipettes are designed to accurately deliver fluid?Volumetric (transfer), Graduated (measuring)2 Types of Manual PipetteVertical positionPipette must be held at what position?Contraction and expansionWhat factors can affect when fluids are not measured at room temperature?Soak in 5% HCl / 5% nitric acidHow can we pre-treat a new and unused pipette?Water + CuvetteComposition of Blank TubeSample + CuvetteComposition of Sample BlankReagent + CuvetteComposition of Reagent BlankPipette to be used must be the closest to the volume neededDirt and ships may alter volumeDo not wipe the tip, it could flick away liquid insideHold with three fingers and thumb, index finger must be freeVolumetric pipette is not a blown-out pipette, to remove water the tip must touch inside of receiving vesselSerologic pipette must be blown out to drain fluidFluid expands when heated and contracts when coldBubbles invalidates the volume of liquid to be delivered. Resample.Dropping a pipette alters calibrationPre-wet pipette to flush out residual substances