Activity 5: Glucose Oxidase

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Glucose Oxidase, Horseradish peroxidase, Mutarotase, 4-aminoantipyrine, P-hydroxybenzene sulfonateComposition of Glucose reagent (5-GHM4P)2-8degcel in amber containerProper storage of glucose reagent to remain stability30 daysOpened/Reconstituted glucose reagent is stable for how long?Reagent BlankWhat must be used to zero the spectro?Distilled/deionized waterWhat is used for reconstitution?Gross hemolysis, lipemia, icterus, anticoagulantsInterfering substances in glucose oxidase method (4-GLIA)Citrate, EDTA, heparinAnticoagulants that are interfering substances in glucose oxidase method (3-CEH)Serum blankWhat is used to correct gross hemolysis, lipemia and icterus?20 uL of serum to 3 mL distilled waterComposition of serum blank500 mg/dLAnalytical measurement range