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Science never proves theories, only disproves them.
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This is the lowest layer in the Unix OSKernelThis is the outer layer in the Unix OSCommandsA directory is a specialized form of file that maintains a list of all files in it.TrueUnit testing is the testing of the whole class as a unit.FalseJUnit is a unit testing framework for the Java Programming LanguageTrueDebugging is not algorithmic.TrueDebugging is algorithmic.FalseIn test-driven development, tests are written before the software to be tested is written.TrueIt is usually feasible to test all possible values of arguments to a method.Falsestdout should be used for unusual output from your program, such as error reporting.FalseIn a Makefile, every target line must begin with a tab.FalseIn a Makefile, every action line must begin with a tab.TrueIn debugging, reproducing the problem comes before fixing the problem.TrueList steps of debugging:Understand the System Identify the Problem Reproduce the Problem Diagnose the Cause of the Problem Fix the problem Reflect and LearnIf all your unit tests pass, that means the software being tested has no bugs.FalseA software version management repository holds a master copy of only text/html code.FalseA software version management repository holds a master copy of text/html code as well as other artifacts.TrueMaking changes to a software repository means editing, adding and deleting files.TrueIDE stands forIntegrated Development EnvironmentEclipse does not allow you to have multiple workspaces.FalseIn test-driven development, you must understand the specification of what the software you are testing is supposed to doTrueIn Unix, executing programs have unique process identifiers.TrueA Unix pipe is a way to send the output of one command to the input of another.TrueAs a login script, ____ runs each time a Unix shell is started..profileThe _____ contains rules which tell make what to do.MakefileIf a target in a Makefile names a file that is older than the files it depends on, then the actions in that rule will not be performed.FalseList three components of a good development environment for a mid-sized project team.A source code version control system Fully automated testing system Fully automated compile systemDescribe $cat >file2takes displayed contents and redirects + overwrites content to file2Describe $cat >> file2takes displayed contents and redirects + appends content to file2What is redirection in unix? Provide an example command that uses redirection.Directing the flow of data to the file or from the file for input or output. Ex: ls>wcWhat Unix command is used for changing file access permissions?chmodWhat does the command "$ls | wc -l > file1" do?ls becomes the input to wc which counts the number of lines it receives as input and stores it in file1What is a pipe and give an example?A pipe is two or more commands separated by pipe char '|'. That tells the shell to arrange for the output of the preceding command to be passed as input to the following command. Ex. ls -l | prA sequence of commands combined with a pipe is called a _____pipelineHow can one change the access permissions on a file called 'temp.txt' to readable, writeable and executable only by the file owner.chmod 700 temp.txtConstruct the pipe: "Output of ls should be displayed on the screen and from this output the lines containing the word 'poem' should be counted and the count should be stored in a file."ls | grep poem | wc -l > output.txtThe command $ cat par.3 par.4 par.5 >> report a. displays contents of the files par.3, par.4 and par.5 on the command line and overwrites the file report with the output b. appends the file report with the contents of par.3, par.4 and par.5 c. displays contents of the files par.3, par.4 and par.5 on the command line and appends the file report with the output d. overwrites the file report with the contents of the file par.5BThe positional parameter $0 refers to: a. Total number of arguments b. Command or the script name c. First argument respectively. d. All the command line arguments starting from $1.BDefine a shell array called CLASS with elements "Altintas", "CSE15L", "Fall 2013" in the given order. Display the second element with a Unix command.CLASS[0]="Altintas" CLASS[1]="CSE15L" CLASS[2]="Fall 2013" echo "Second element: ${CLASS[1]}"The _____ command displays the current working directory in Unix shellpwdThe binary output from hprof can be opened using _____jhatUsing the cpu option in hprof with value as ______ can significantly slow down progress.timesWrite a Unix commands that displays the contents of folder "Q1" in long form including the directory entries whose names begin with a dot (.)ls -la Q1List three common Unix shells.bash, ksh, tcshWrite a command to make the file "Q3.txt" in the current directory read-only.chmod 444 Q3.txtAbsolute path in Unix paths start at: a. users b. bin c. home d. rootdRelative to the working directory, dot dot (..) refers to: a. current working directory b. home c. root d. a level abovecList the names of the two files that a shell automatically opens when it starts up..bashrc, .profileWrite a command that redirects the contents of standard input to an output file called 'temp.txt'cat > temp.txtWrite a filtering command using Unix pipes to search for occurrences of the word 'time' in the manual page for Unix command called "time"man time | grep timeThe PATH environment variable is a __________ of directories that your shell searches through when you enter a command.colon-delimited listWhich file does make look for in the current working directory?MAKEFILEComplete the following sentence to explain how make interprets the Makefile rules. "To make the ______ , first make all its _____ , then perform all the _____."target, dependencies, actionsList two problems that can arise in non-version controlled software when there is only one individual involved in the software development process.No ability to revert back to prior version of file hard-disk failureList two cons and two pros of unit testing.Pros: Find problems early Documentation, shows how to use methods Cons:Doesn't test full software Takes a long time to write all those testsWhat is the difference between the heap and cpu options in hprof?Heap (dump/sites): options for profiling memory usage CPU (samples/times): options for profiling CPU usageList two things a bug reporter should read or check to report a good bug.Make sure software is up to date Search the bug repositoryName three steps in debugging and put them in order.Understand the system Identify the problem Reproduce the problemList three pieces of information provided by Java logging API.??List three tools for diagnostic output.Standard Output and Standard Error Java logging framework Java profiling frameworkList two cons of test-driven development.Doesn't test full software Takes a long time to write all those testsPut the following steps in order within an SVN workflow: makes changes, update, commit, resolve conflicts. (You can use a step more then once if needed.)make changes, update, resolve conflicts, update, commitA string enclosed in back quotes (``) in a Unix shell script is treated as a _______ and the shell attempts to execute it.commandComplete the following shell script. #!/bin/sh echo Total number of inputs: ____ echo First input: _____ echo Second input: ____$# $1 $2Square brackets ( [ ] ) in a Unix shell script is an alias for the ____ command.testRegression TestingTesting not only the current test after your current change, but also all the tests before it.