Monster Final Test

James King
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Alguinaldo NesbittOwned drugstoreSteve HarmonMakes films of neighborhoodSalvatore ZinziBought stolen baseball cardsDorothy MooreReceived lamp from KingSunsetSteve's friend in jailJerry HarmonNot allowed to visit Steve in prisonOsvaldo CruzMember of the Diablos gangKathy O'BrienWorks to make Steve look humanRichard "Bobo" EvansRefuses to wear a suit in courtWendell BoldenGave stolen cigarettes to motherGeorge SawickiStands up for Steve in courtSteve does not do this is prisonGet into fightsObrien does not tell Steve this.that they will win the caseThe judgeThis character looks and sounds bored every day.Whose gun shot Mr. Nesbitt?Mr. Nesbitt's gunDeath PenaltyThis is the sentence Detective Karyl tells Steve he should receive.KingSteve is afraid of this person.OBrien does not encourage Steve to continue thisScript/ Film writingErnieguilty of robbing a jewelry storeNightimethe best time to cryInnocentSteve Harmon's verdictSteve's blanket symbolismsafety and protectionThe name of Steve's movieMonsterSunset reads whatSteve's manuscriptRockSteve hits a young woman with what?What does Steve do when he is waiting for the verdict?he thinks about his case and editing his filmKing's verdictGuiltyWho does Steve film after the trail?Steve himselfMan vs SocietySteve on trialMan vs. Manmurder of the drugstore ownerWhat does the movie script symbolize to Steve?escapeWhat does prison symbolize to Steve?Prison/ like a monsterinciting incident or hookMr. Nesbitt is killedPoint of Viewfirst personTone of the part "the best time to cry is at night"Depressed