Forged By Fire Final Test

How old was Gerald when the story started?
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Who comforted Gerald in his time of grief for Aunt Queen?AngelWhat was the mood of Monique's apartment?dark/ depressingWhy was Jordan mad about Angel's bed being broken?He couldn't go in her room at night for "the game."How did "the game" affect Angel?She stayed nervous and vomited a lot.Monique's reaction to Gerald when he said Jordan was abusing Angel.She didn't believe him.Who did Gerald confide in?Mr.Washington, Rob's fatherWhy did Monique go to the trial?To look good for JordanAngel loved to do thisDanceGerald love to do thisBasketballGeraldMember of the Hazelwood High Basketball TeamMoniqueGets hit by a taxi cabMr. Washingtona father figure to Gerald and AngelJordanA child abuserRobGerald's friend that dies in a car accidentAngelDances like an angelTigerAngel's catAunt QueenMother figure for GeraldKiaraHad to cope with the death of her brothercharacter vs character conflictThis type of conflict finds the main character in conflict with another character, human or not human. (you can see this type of conflict.)Character vs. Self ConflictA character's conflict with him/herself. (you can not see this- it's in their mind)Character vs. Nature ConflictThe main character is in conflict with the forces of nature. (ex. weather)Character vs. Society ConflictThe main character in conflict with a larger group: a community, society, culture, etc.MetaphorThe cart was a tank.SimileShe was like a delicate china doll.PersonificationThe flame danced.AlliterationYou never get used to the bruised or burned or bleeding babies.