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Crisis in the Colonies 5

America: History of Our Nation; Beginnings to 1977

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built Fort Duquesne
Marguis Duquesne
Spain was an ally
Algonquin friends
capital city Quebec
build Fort Necessity
Iroquois sided with them
leader was William Pitt
General Wolfe
captured Montreal
major turning point in French & Indian War
William Pitt took over in England
How did England made friends with Native Americans?
cheaper trade
Cause of French & Indian War
colonists wanted more land
Albany Plan of Union
Ben Franklin's idea that was suppose to unite colonists with one government
City of Pittsburg under French control was called...
Fort Duquesne
English advantages in French & Indian War
easier to defend the 13 colonies; better navy; colonists helped them
Why did colonists feel that Parliament didn't have a right to tax them?
the colonists didn't have representation in Parliament (someone to speak for them)
Proclamation of 1763
protected Indians living int he Ohio River Valley
Why did the English think that the colonists should pay taxes after the French & Indian War?
because England was protecting them
What methods did the colonists use to protest English actions?
boycotts, political cartoons, Stamp Act Congress
British Action
repealed various acts/taxes after pressured
Colonist Reaction
British Action
issuded Proclamation of 1763
Colonist Reaction
Sons of Liberty
Colonist Reaction
committees of correspondence
Colonist Reaction
state "no taxation without representation"
Treaty of Paris
ends French & Indian War
Paul Revere
rode through the night to alert the colonists the british were coming
Crispus Attucks
killed during Boston Massacre
James Wolfe
British General at Quebec during French & Indian War
Pontiac's War
convinced British to stop settlers from moving west
British East India Company
company the Tea Act was trying to help
Boston Tea Party
colonists response to Tea Act
army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency .... similiar to National Guard now
1st Continental Congress
tried to unie with Massachusets against the IntolerabkeActs
Why did the British soldiers march toward Concord?
the British heard the colonists were storing weapons/ammo there
Where was the "Shot Heard Round the World" fired?
March 5, 1770
Boston Massacre
September, 1774
First Continental Congress
April 19, 1775
Shot Heard Round the World
December 16, 1773
Boston Tea Party
Sugar Act
Tea Act
April 18, 1775
British leave Boston for Concord