Oral Surgery Lecture 12/5

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1st molar and canine, they are hardest
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Ecchymosis______________ is a term for bruising that may occur post-operatively and is may be easier to occur in the elderly48-72Swelling (edema) reaches its maximum __________ hrs after surgeryTrismus___________ is limited opening due to inflammation of the muscles of mastication and may occur post-opNot adjusting insulin can lead to hypoglycemia (less food but same amt insulin)Why is there a concern with a diabetic's diet following oral surgery?Warm saline, chlorhexidine____________ or _______________ rinses beginning on the 2nd day following oral surgery may be good oral hygiene measures for the patient to takeTrueTrue or false: keeping the mouth and teeth clean results in more rapid healingTrueTrue or false: the pain a patient may experience is highly variable and depends to some extent on the patient's state of mineNon-pharmacologic, nonopioid pharmacologicAccording to the CDC, clinicians should maximize the use of _____________________ and ____________________ therapies as appropriate for the specific condition and patient and only consider opioid therapy for acute pain if benefits are anticipated to outweigh the risks to the patientIce, heat, elevation, rest, immobilization, exerciseWhat are 6 examples of nonpharmacologic therapies?12, 2Peak pain following oral surgery usually occurs at about ____ hours and rarely lasts longer than ___ daysTrueTrue or false: pain following oral surgery is usually not severe and can be managed with mild analgesicsFalseTrue or false: you should advise the patient to never take analgesics (like ibuprofen or acetaminophen) prior to their oral surgeryBefore anesthesia subsidesWhen is a good time to tell patients to take their first dose of analgesics, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, after surgery?Aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxenWhat are the 4 pain meds you can get over the counter?Central actingFor surgical extractions with bone removal, the patient may need _____________ analgesics to control the painAlveolar osteitis______________, also known as "dry socket" may occur following extraction if the clot is removed from the socketFibrinolyticThe etiology behind dry socket is uncertain but appears to be a result of high levels of _____________ activityBirth control (estrogen breaks down clots)Why may dry socket occur more often in women?Topical analgesic and pack itHow do you treat alveolar osteitis/dry socket?Date, diagnosis, review medical history, vital signs, consent, anesthesia, procedure, discharge instructions, prescriptions, return appointmentWhat are the 10 steps (chart entry slide) of an oral surgery/extraction appt?