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PatrickKidnapped from his home in Britain and turned into a slave, later came back to his country as a missionaryByzantine empireStop the spread of Islam, until Constantinople fellThe battle of toursThe Muslims advanced into the land of the franks and was stopped by the Frankish armyAstrolabeTool used by sailors to navigate using the starsMuhammadFounder of the religion IslamThe Qru'ranThe Muslim scriptureWhat countries did the Iberian peniSuela containPortugal and SpainWhat was the importance of the battle of toursStopped Muslim advance into EuropeHejiraFlight of MuhammadPilgrimageTrip for religious reasonsGreek FireChemical weapon used by Byzantine that cannot be put out by waterInfindelsUnbelievers to IslamRamadanHoly monthAllahGod of IslamJihadholy warMansa MusaWealthy ruler of Mali, famous pilgrimageGreat ZimbabweMain city in south east African empireSub-SaharanPart of Africa below the Sahara desertSavannaOpen grassland,few treesClanLargest family group in AfricaTribeTwo or more clans living togetherSahelTransition zone between desert and SavannahThe three largest and most important empires in west Africa in the middle agesGhana, Mali, and SonghaiTimbuktuImportant center of learningWhy was the West African coastal area known as the "Gold Coast"?Abundance of gold minersgun powderDiscovered by the Chinese, used in fireworks and cannonsPaperFirst invented by ChineseCompassDevice to tell directionShang Dynastyfirst dynasty in ChinaMongolsNomad group that conquered vast empireWhat were the major trade items for the ChineseSilk and IronAfter the Chinese discovered gunpowder, what were they able to make using this materialRocketFirst Five Chinese DynastiesChin, Han , Shang , ChouThe Chinese were the first developed paper. What were two uses of the paper they developMoney, writing, and paperReasonRenaissance advocated reasonLife-likeArtwork should look realErasmusProduced a Greek New TestamentPetrarchItalian author; father of humanismMichiavelliPolitical author, on how to get and keep powerLeonardo da VinciPainted the last supper and the Mona LisaMedieval paintings tended to make people look flat how did the renaissance want their paintings to look likeRealisticPeople within the renaissance looked back to what two ancient culturesRome in GreeceMichealangeloA renaissance painter that painted beautiful scenes on the ceiling of the Sistine chapelWhat device did Johannes Gutenberg invent, why was this invention such a help to the printing industryThe printing press, it made printing faster and cheaperName one positive consequence and one negative consequence of the Renaissance.Negative= focused on humanism Positive= renewed interest in Greek and HebrewPrinting pressInvention that made printing easier and cheaperJohann TetzelMonk selling indulgences95 ThesesMartin Luther's objections to the RCCJohn CalvinReformer and author;Ulrich ZwingleySwitzerland reformer; objected to the RCCJohn HussExecuted bohemian reformerJesuitsOrder of priest; suppress heresyInstitutes of the Christian religionCalvin's book - reformed enologyMartin Luther studied Greek and Hebrew so he could read what book in its original languageThe BibleJohn WycliffeProduced the first Bible in EnglishWho did the Roman church say the people should confess their sins toThe priestWhat did Martin Luther learn from Reading the book of RomansThe just shall live by faithWhat was an indulgence? Why did people like Martin Luther have such a difficult time with this concept?A paper pardoning sin, Only God can forgive the sinsWhy did the Reformers value education? Why did they translate Scripture into the language of the people?Read and study scripture, so they could read it for themselvesVasco da GamaSailed around Africa to IndiaIncasPowerful Indian empire in South AmericaMontezumaChief of AztecsFrancisco PizarroConquered the IncasPrince HenrySponsored exploration; started school of navigationFrancis Drake (England)Sailed around the worldWhat did the Spanish explorers want to findWealth, Conquer new lands, and convert the natives to the Catholic ChurchWho did Hernando Cortes conquerAztecsWhat did Columbus call the natives that he foundIndiansConquistadorsSpanish conquerorsName two advantages that Cortes had as he conquered the AztecsIndian allies, better weaponsWhat was Fernandez Megellan best known for as an explorer? why did his crew finish the voyage without himTried to sail around the world, he diedWhat did Bartolome de Las Casas want for the Indians?Justice, better treatmentloyaltyRespected character traitGolden HordeMongol empire in western AsiaWhat nomadic tribe lived on the plains of MongoliaThe MongolsSamuraiJapanese warriorsChinggis KhanSupreme leader of all the Mongols, established large empireShogunIn Japan, a supreme military commander.FeudalismSociety that revolves around land and local controlBushidoWay of warrior (code of conduct)YurtA moveable tent used as a house by the mongolsShamanA priest of the traditional mongol religionThe Mongols created the ultimate fighting cavalry. What did the Mongols teach their mounted archers to do while fighting?Shoot arrows while on a horseWhere was the Mughal Dynasty located? One of the building projects completed during their time was the Taj Mahal. What is the Taj Mahal?India, burial tomb for wife of rulerIberian PeninsulaSpain and PortugalErasmusProduced a greek New TestamentUrban IIPope that started the crusadesMoneychangersExchange types of moneyGreat FamineCalamity with loss of crops and widespread hungerThe Canterbury talesBook by Chaucer about English pilgrims