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  1. Dramatic Irony
  2. Alliteration
  3. Suspense
  4. Homeric simile
  5. Stanza
  1. a A long comparison using like,as,seems,and appears.
  2. b Repetition of initial consonants (Peter Piper Picked)
  3. c When we know something that the character does not know
  4. d The building and anticipation of excitement in a story.
  5. e A group of lines in a poem that works like a paragraph

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  1. Contrast between appearance and reality.
  2. When one thing reprsents something.
  3. A narrative poem with an Epic Hero
  4. A figure of speech that is not suppose to be taken as real
  5. Strggle between opposing forces.

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  1. PunA play on words when one word has two different meanings.


  2. ImageryContrast between appearance and reality.


  3. OnomatopoeiaWord pictures that affects the five senses


  4. ForeshadowingContrast between appearance and reality.


  5. Historical FictionGiving human characteristics to nonhuman things


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