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  1. Foreshadowing
  2. Pun
  3. Personification
  4. Hyperbole
  5. Metaphor
  1. a A comparison where you say something is something else.
  2. b A play on words when one word has two different meanings.
  3. c An extreme exaggeration
  4. d Giving human characteristics to nonhuman things
  5. e Clues that indicate that something will happen later in the story.

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  1. A narrative poem with an Epic Hero
  2. Words that when pronounced creates sounds.
  3. The building and anticipation of excitement in a story.
  4. A fake piece of literature that has historical events.
  5. A figure of speech that is not suppose to be taken as real

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  1. AlliterationContrast between appearance and reality.


  2. IronyContrast between appearance and reality.


  3. ThemeContrast between appearance and reality.


  4. SymbolWhen one thing reprsents something.


  5. Dramatic IronyWhen we know something that the character does not know


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