13 terms

List 8: How Germane, My Dear

fervent (adj.)
full of strong emotion; having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit, feeling, enthusiasm
germane (adj.)
fitting and appropriate; relevant
fortuitous (adj.)
happening by chance; accidental. ALSO: lucky, fortunate
profuse (adj.)
in great abundance; bountiful.
esteem (n.)
high opinion of one's worth or character. ALSO (v.) to value extremely
disparity (n.)
difference in type, quality, or quantity
antithesis (n.)
a direct opposite
indolence (n.)
supreme laziness of idleness; sloth
hindrance (n.)
an obstacle, impediment; something in the way
jeopardy (n.)
exposure to or possibility or danger
(prefix) after, following
(root) before, earlier
(suffix) full of