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Wernicke's area WRONG The arcuate fasciculusYou are presented with a case involving language deficits. After examining the patients, you conclude that the patient can speak fluently and appears to have no problems with auditory comprehension, but has significant issues when repeating sentences or even short phrases. Based on these results, which area of the brain would you most likely investigate for damage?Broca's aphasia; Wernicke's aphasiaIn the article "The Breakdown of Language" Luke was diagnosed with _________________ and Beth was diagnosed with ____________________Both Luke and Beth had strokes, but different types of strokesIn the chapter "The Breakdown of Language" what were the etiologies (i.e. causes) of the aphasia for Luke and Beth?dreaming only occurs during REM sleepWhich of the following statements about dreaming is FALSE? Which of the following statements about dreaming is FALSE? Group of answer choicesaccording to research by Calvin Hall, dreams tend to include familiar places and events, but we're more likely to report being an observer and interacting with strangerspsychoanalytic thinkers often portray dreams as manifestations of our unconscious will, wants, and fears, which the "ego" attempts to control.dreaming only occurs during REM sleepwe sometimes incorporate elements of our external environment into our dreams. For example, if someone were to splash some water on our face while dreaming, we may dream that it has started rainingParanoid schizophreniaPeter thinks that he is the Elvis reincarnated and has the power to spread musical talent to others whom he chooses. Additionally, Peter believes the FBI, CIA, and INTERPOL are trying to track him down to abuse his gift and cover up the rebirth of Elvis from the general public. Most likely Peter has which type of schizophrenia?an expressionless faceWhich of the following would be considered a negative symptom of a schizophrenia patient?overall shrinkage of the sulci of the brain WRONG a significant asymmetry in the size of the left vs the right hemispheres of the brain CORRECTImagine that you're examining the brain of a schizophrenic patient using an fMRI. Which of the following results would you LEAST likely expect to find? enlargement of the lateral ventricles lower levels of activation in the frontal lobes a smaller than average hippocampus overall shrinkage of the sulci of the brain a significant asymmetry in size of the left versus the right hemispheres of the brainschizophrenia is more common among first degree relatives of patients with schizophrenia than it is in more distant relativesFamily studies of schizophrenia reveal thatdopamine agonists; serotonin antagonists WRONG Dopamine antagonists; glutamate agonistsMost medications to used to reduce positive symptoms of schizophrenia act as __________________ while more recent developed medications focusing on negative symptoms have been devised to primarily work as _____________________the chromosomal abnormality found in a recent Swedish study was also found in all four sisters Hester performance on a majority of the neuropsychological measures was significantly lower than that of the other sisters tested. This suggests that her perfrontal cortex was more likely impaired by the disease than Myra.According to the reading "A 39 Year Follow-up of the Genain Quadruplets", which of the following statements is TRUE in regards to the Genain sisters?