VCR Book C Lesson 4

15 terms by loganpincus

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childish; immature


branch of medicine treating disorders of the skeletal system and tissues related to the movement


a teacher


1. a person who pays excessive attention to learning rules rather than to understanding
2. a scholarly show off


something that has a real or independent existence


1. a person or thing of no importance
2. something that does not exist or exists only in the imagination


1. the basic element; the identifying characteristic
2. a substance in concentrated form obtained from a plant or drug
3. a perfume


about to die or end


1. to shame
2. to discipline oneself by denial


1. an examination to determine the cause of death; an autopsy
2. (informal) an analysis of something that is over


the act of painlessly killing a suffering oerson or animal; mercry killing


possessed at birth; inborn


1. childlike; unsophisticated
2. gullible


emerging; coming into existence


1. a rebirth; a renewal
2. (capitalized) a revival of humanism in fourteenth-century to sixteenth-century Europe

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