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Match principle to explanation of HACCP terms

active managerial control

a way to control the 5 most common risk factors in a kitchen


a written plan management has produced to identify hazards and remove or reduce them

hazard analysis

identify specific foods and hazards in your facility, Step 1

Critical control points

step in the food path where a hazard can be prevented or reduced

critical limits

establishing minimum or maximum borders to keep food safe, usually time and temps

monitoring procedures

checking, how, when, and by whom a risk hazard is controlled

corrective action

identifying steps taken when a critical limit is not met


evaluating the records regularly and revising plan if needed


keeping records of all procedures, actions, and monitoring, the final step

crisis team

key people who manage a food crisis in house

crisis response

a plan on how management will deal with a food crisis in house

crisis recovery

devloping procedures for getting operations running again after a food crisis has happened

food safety management system

a group of procedures and practices to help prevent foodborne illness

the 5 most common risk factors

purchasing, cooking, holding, contaminated equipment, poor hygeine

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