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In the book And Then There Were None, this is the order in which people died. When you are playing scatter or space race or learn, check the box to ignore stuff in parenthesis.

Anthony(James) Marston

1(cyanide in drink)

Mrs.(Ethel) Rogers

2(poisoned, overdose on sleeping stuff)

General(John Gordon) Macarthur

3(hit with a life preserver in the head)

Mr.(Thomas) Rogers

4(hit in the head with a wood chopper)

Emily(Caroline) Brent

5(knocked out and "stung" with needle with cyanide")

Justice(Lawrence) Wargrave

6(faked death with shot in forehead)

Dr.(Edward George) Armstrong

7(pushed off cliff)

(William Henry)Blore

8(crushed by marble clock shaped like bear)

Philip Lombard

9(was shot by Vera)

Vera(Elizabeth) Claythorne

10(hanged herself, suicide)

Isaac Morris

0(was killed by Wargrave when he took a pill that he thought would help him with his "gastrial juices" given to him by Wargrave)

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