34 terms

Religion Chapter 3

What does it mean to think something?
we are expressing our opinion
What does it mean when we know something?
it means we are absolutely certain that something will happen.
If we say that we believe or have faith in something, what does it mean?
we are putting trust in our past experiences or in someone else.
What is it wehn we have faith in people, our family and friends?
natural faith
What faith is our basis for our friendship with God.
religious faith
What does faith mean?
to hold firm to.
What is faith?
a holding on to God, him being worthy of our complete trust
What is a gift from God and a participation in his life.
describe faith
a supernatural gift from God.
What are the four qualities of faith? Explain them.
Reasonable- faith always seeks understanding
Certain- faith rests in God's word, God can't lie
Communal- Faith happens in a community
Free- God doesn't force us to believe
Professed- we express it with our words and actions
What are atheists?
people who deny the existence of God
What are agonostics?
people who cannot decied whether they believe in God.
What are the 2 truths taught to us by the Genesis writers about humans?
1. We are made in God's image
2. We have an immortal soul.
What did God create man in (know exact quote)
"God created man in his image; in the divine image he created him; male and female he created them"
What does the phrase "in God's image" tell us?
1. God creatded Adam and Eve- as his friends
2. that human being were created with intellect and will. We are intelligent being who can think/choose
What are our bodies made out of?
the same elements of creation
What is the soul?
the spiritual part of the body. It is immortal
What Catholics speak of evolution, what do they refer to?
the body, not the soul.
What is the soul deemed?
spiritual with not part and no evolution
Do Catholics have conflicts between Church teachings and science?
No, they accept eachother
What is it necessary for us to accept?
what we find in scripture, together with the findings of science
What is sanctifying grace?
a participation in the very life of God that brings us into an intimate and permanent relationship with the B.T.
what is original sin?
the rejection of God by our first parents, resulting in the loss of sanctifying grace.
What do we mean when we say we are born with original sin?
We mean we are born without sanctifying grace. We have an emptiness and absence of grace. We must be baptized ASAP
What are the four effects of oringinal sin?
1. ignorance
2. suffering
3. inclin. to evil
4. Death
What is another term for inclination to evil?
As humans, what do we inherit?
Adam's sin
Was human nature totally corrupted by O.S.?
No, just in need of santifying grace
Did God force the fist humans to sin?
no it was their choice.
Did we turn evil by choice?
What do we think of mary as?
the woman would crush the devil.
What is Jesus?
the new Adam
What did O.S. and how do we fix it?
it weakened us. we have to work harder every day
Are we still loved by God even with O.S.?