Chapter 15 and 16 Psychology Exam

According to the textbook, which of these events would have the highest likelihood of causing post traumatic stress disorder?
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What is comorbidity?co-occurrence of two disordersTreated for depressive order, stops having symptoms, but after a few months they reoccurEpisodicWhich classification system is used by most mental health professionals in the United States of America?Diagnostic and statistical Manual of Mental DisordersA psychological disorder is a _________condition characterized by abnormal thoughts, feelings, and behaviorsWhat is an example of a diathesis-stress model?A young man has a genetic predisposition towards depression, but he did not experience depression until his mother and father died.What is an example of hopelessness theory?Person who has an expectation that terrible things will happen and there is nothing she can do about it- this leads her to become depressed.The approach to psychology suggesting that looking at genetic factors, chemical imbalances, and brain abnormalities is the _________ perspective.BiologicalWhat is meant by the term etiology?The cause of a disorderUnforgiving perfectionist who would rather turn in work late with no mistakes (rigid, inflexible, and stubborn and never compromises.Obsessive-compulsive personality disorderMillie cleaned her house top to bottom (breaking windows and dishes) bought a new car she cant afford, and dug up her yard in case she wants to garden.Manic EpisodeOverinflated an unjustified sense of self importance believes you are entitled to special treatment.NarcissisticWhich of the following exemplifies symptom of autism spectrum disorder?Exhibits deficits in social interaction by not initiating convo. with other children, and turns their head away when spoken too.Diagnosed with major depression disorder 5 years ago, she knows her mom took medicine to combat depression and worries her daughter will too. Why?Mood disorders have been shown to have a strong genetic and biological basis.Which of the following is a book that lists categories of psychological disorders along with criteria for diagnosis?DSM Diagnostic and Statistical ManualIf something is atypical itdeviates from the normExperiences thoughts and urges that are intrusive for the need to engage in repetitive behaviors.Obsessive-Compulsive disordersWhich disorder is typically associated with symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions, as well as negative symptoms?SchizophreniaTo stop biting his nails, a man rubs a bitter paste under his nails to make his nails taste bad.aversive conditioningFor systematic desensitization of a fear of elevators, which of the following would NOT be included?Start by riding on an elevatorTo treat your fear of elevators, you agree that you will start out by riding an elevator, until you can stay relaxedFloodingTo treat your fear of elevators, your therapist provides empathy as you talk about your fears and feelings.Client-centered therapyTo treat your fear of elevators, your therapist discusses the unconscious symbolic meaning of your fearPsycho-dynamic therapyInvolves free association and dream analysisClassical ConditioningPsychoanalysis focuses onDigging deeply into someones unconsciousElectroconvulsive therapy is effective in alleviating symptoms for people withSevere Depression who have no responded to drug therapyWhich principle underlies cognitive therapy?How you think determines how you feel.A therapist employs principles of learning to help clients change undesirable behaviors.Behavior therapy