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  1. Early Church approach to the Synoptic Problem
  2. Matthew - Structure and Focus
  3. Exile Paradigm
  4. Joshua and Conquest Paradigm
  5. σωματικα
  1. a Testimonia theory.
    Moses motif: -monarch killing babies -Egypt -wilderness -40 -giving law from the mountain -12 tribes, 12 disciples -feeding the 5000, manna in the wilderness
    A five book structure, reflects Pentateuch
  2. b physical, historical
    Clement's comment on the Synoptic Gospels
  3. c Harmonies
    -combined Gospels into one, called a harmony
    -examples: Tatian's Diatessaron (c. 150), Augustine (400)
    -maintained Matthew came first, written in Hebrew
    -Mark is a Greek recension (reader's digest version)
  4. d collapse of the Kingdom
  5. e Jesus is a Joshua "type" and Joshua is a Jesus "type"
    Yeshua (Joshua) in Hebrew is transliterated Jesus in Greek
    means "Ywh is Salvation"

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  1. 1924
  2. 1) The role of the Holy Spirit in Luke/Acts - fits Lk's goal to demonstrate gentile acceptance. Sets this up throughout Gospel
    2) Jesus as the Son of God - birth announcement (to Mary), spiritual conception, the Baptism, see also Jesus - Adam Typology
    3) The Jubilee Connection - a year of Jubilee close to the beginning of Jesus' ministry. The claim of fulfilling Isaiah 61
  3. Moses: an agent of redemption
  4. Ch 1:1-18 - Prologue
    Ch 1 - 12 - Book of Signs, exactly seven signs/miracles
    Ch 13 - 20 - Book of Glory, the passion
    Ch 21 - Epilogue
  5. Rome. The evidence:
    1. Tradition
    2. Language - Mark uses Aramaic and translates it, he also transliterates Latin into Greek (so, his readers know Latin but not Aramaic)
    3. Purpose of Proclamation - the cross does not prevent Christ from being the Son of God, addressing the Roman issues with the crucifixion

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  1. Mark - Date-Late 50s or very early 60s
    -precedes Lk and Acts
    -Acts probably written before Paul's death (64) in 63, so Mk must come before this.


  2. Summary of Translation"word for word"
    -ich gehe nach Hause -> i go to house -> I'm going home
    -ex: NASB
    -danger: can fail to make clear


  3. 3 Hypotheses Concerning the Synoptic Problem1. Griesbach, Mtt first
    2. Holtzmann, two source
    3. Streeter, four source


  4. Text-Critical Issue of Mark1) vs 8 is simply the end
    2) the book was never finished, something happened to prevent the ending from being written
    3) the Resurrection account was planned for a second volume following Luke-Acts pattern (little evidence for this)
    4) the ending was lost
    5) the resurrection account was already widely known and circulated (the weakest argument)


  5. Matthew - AuthorshipMatthew is not a logical choice for an invented author
    Church Tradition: Papias - Matthew written in Aramaic
    Theory - an Aramaic testimonia book (M) became the basis of the Gospel along with Mk and Q.