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  1. Mark - Date
  2. Why do we have new translations?
  3. Passover Paradigm
  4. Dynamic Equivalence Translation
  5. Literal/Formal Translation
  1. a God's care and protection
  2. b 1. Our ability to understand the meaning of ancient languages
    2. The way we use our own language
    3. NOT because the original meaning has changed!
  3. c "middle of the road"
    -a smoothing out of translation AND meaning
    -not afraid to move away from the literal in order to make clear
    -ex: NIV
    -danger: faces all four issue of translation
  4. d -Late 50s or very early 60s
    -precedes Lk and Acts
    -Acts probably written before Paul's death (64) in 63, so Mk must come before this.
  5. e "word for word"
    -ich gehe nach Hause -> i go to house -> I'm going home
    -ex: NASB
    -danger: can fail to make clear

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  1. -somethings just need teaching (OT sacrificial system)
    -having one good translation of each approach is the way to go
  2. 1783
  3. 1924
  4. 1863
  5. promised descendants
    will be a blessing to the nations
    promised Land

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  1. Early Church approach to the Synoptic Problem1. Griesbach, Mtt first
    2. Holtzmann, two source
    3. Streeter, four source


  2. John - AuthorshipChurch Tradition
    From Scripture we know:
    -A gentile doctor (Col 4:11,14) of what is unknown
    -with Paul at the end of his life (II Tim 4:11)
    -may have traveled with Paul (changes from "they" to "we" in Acts)
    -direct access to Mary, her children or someone close to her
    Theophilus - a real person or literary device (name lit. means "friend of God"). if real, a patron of Luke


  3. Matthew - Date1 c. document for sure.
    Question: before or after 70 (temple destruction)?
    Liberal need the date to fall after 70 AD so Matt. put Jesus' temple prediction in his mouth
    Conservatives don't care


  4. "The Incident" ParadigmJesus is a Joshua "type" and Joshua is a Jesus "type"
    Yeshua (Joshua) in Hebrew is transliterated Jesus in Greek
    means "Ywh is Salvation"


  5. John - StructureThree themes woven together throughout the book
    "L" Material of the Infancy Narrative:
    -Mtt writes about scripture fulfilled, Lk writes like he's continuing scripture
    -canticles (Mary's Magnificat = Hannah's Song in I Sam)
    -Samuel parallels