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  1. Text-Critical Issue of Mark
  2. Matthew - Authorship
  3. The Gospel of Thomas
  4. John - Structure
  5. πνεγματικα
  1. a -non-canonical, 2nd c gnostic, pseudepigraph
    -alludes to and quotes NT
    -includes stories/quotes of Jesus which may have actually happened
    -Nag Hammadi: 350 AD. Coptic copy with 114 sayings of Jesus, found in 1945
    -Oxyrhynncus: 2nd or 3rd c. Fragments with 32 sayings, found in 1904, published 1970s
  2. b Ch 1:1-18 - Prologue
    Ch 1 - 12 - Book of Signs, exactly seven signs/miracles
    Ch 13 - 20 - Book of Glory, the passion
    Ch 21 - Epilogue
  3. c Matthew is not a logical choice for an invented author
    Church Tradition: Papias - Matthew written in Aramaic
    Theory - an Aramaic testimonia book (M) became the basis of the Gospel along with Mk and Q.
  4. d spiritual
    Clement's comment on John
  5. e The ending of Mark, 16:9-20
    -The Byzantine Text has these verses
    -The Alexandrian Text omitts

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  1. Three themes woven together throughout the book
    "L" Material of the Infancy Narrative:
    -Mtt writes about scripture fulfilled, Lk writes like he's continuing scripture
    -canticles (Mary's Magnificat = Hannah's Song in I Sam)
    -Samuel parallels
  2. a section of text that holds together
    often related to genre
  3. -Abraham
    -The "Incident"
    -Joshua & Conquest
    -Kingly Tradition
    In the Jewish mind: Paradigms + Interp of OT + Jewish Rebellions + Apocalyptic Lit = Time of Fulfillment is Near
  4. 1924
  5. The Golden Calf
    Religious Leaders point back to this event as the root of the Apostasy in the OT

5 True/False questions

  1. John - Audience90s
    -Liberals say Christology is too advanced and place it around 200
    -1920, P52 (fragment of a copy) discovered. dated 100-125
    in order for copies to exist, it had to come earlier.


  2. Solutions to the Text-Critical Issue of Mark1) vs 8 is simply the end
    2) the book was never finished, something happened to prevent the ending from being written
    3) the Resurrection account was planned for a second volume following Luke-Acts pattern (little evidence for this)
    4) the ending was lost
    5) the resurrection account was already widely known and circulated (the weakest argument)


  3. Abraham Paradigmpromised descendants
    will be a blessing to the nations
    promised Land


  4. Exodus Paradigmcollapse of the Kingdom


  5. Style of Writing
    (evidence of Markan Priority)
    -Mark is shorter
    -If a recension, why would he leave out the Lord's Prayer, Beatitudes, "love your enemies..." ?