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  1. Joshua and Conquest Paradigm
  2. Streeter's Hypothesis
  3. σωματικα
  4. Style of Writing
    (evidence of Markan Priority)
  5. πνεγματικα
  1. a spiritual
    Clement's comment on John
  2. b -Mark's Greek is very awkward
    -Matthew & Luke fix/smooth it out
  3. c 1924
  4. d Jesus is a Joshua "type" and Joshua is a Jesus "type"
    Yeshua (Joshua) in Hebrew is transliterated Jesus in Greek
    means "Ywh is Salvation"
  5. e physical, historical
    Clement's comment on the Synoptic Gospels

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  1. Centers on 2 questions
    1) Who is the "beloved disciple?" a literary device?
    -many scholars accept that he is the author. we know:
    -named John, not necessarily the Apostle
    -a teen of a High Priestly family
    2) Who is the author?
    -John the Apostle
    -a John, not the Apostle
    -Johannine Community (see Audience)
  2. 1783
  3. "middle of the road"
    -a smoothing out of translation AND meaning
    -not afraid to move away from the literal in order to make clear
    -ex: NIV
    -danger: faces all four issue of translation
  4. 1) The role of the Holy Spirit in Luke/Acts - fits Lk's goal to demonstrate gentile acceptance. Sets this up throughout Gospel
    2) Jesus as the Son of God - birth announcement (to Mary), spiritual conception, the Baptism, see also Jesus - Adam Typology
    3) The Jubilee Connection - a year of Jubilee close to the beginning of Jesus' ministry. The claim of fulfilling Isaiah 61
  5. Moses: an agent of redemption

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  1. Matthew - AuthorshipMatthew is not a logical choice for an invented author
    Church Tradition: Papias - Matthew written in Aramaic
    Theory - an Aramaic testimonia book (M) became the basis of the Gospel along with Mk and Q.


  2. John - Date90s
    -Liberals say Christology is too advanced and place it around 200
    -1920, P52 (fragment of a copy) discovered. dated 100-125
    in order for copies to exist, it had to come earlier.


  3. John's Relation to the Synoptic Gospels
    (three theories)
    1. Griesbach, Mtt first
    2. Holtzmann, two source
    3. Streeter, four source


  4. Mark's Material
    (evidence of Markan Priority)
    Often incomplete, easily misunderstood & embarrassing. Mtt and Luke smooth it out.
    ex: Jesus calming the storm


  5. Literal/Formal Translation"meaning"
    -if scripture was written in "street Greek" shouldn't we translate it into "street English?"
    -often group focused (e.g. Cotton Patch Gospel)
    -becomes very dated very fast
    -not developed by a committee, often just one person
    -ex: The Message
    -danger: Translator's agenda; can add, leave out or distort