Chapter 20 vocabulary

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あちらthat way (polite)かかりのものour person in chargeおたく(someone's) house/homeshopしてんbranch officeドイツGermanyしんごうtraffic lightかどcornerletter, characterおとsoundおもいheavy; serious (illness)かるいlight (weight)ふしぎmysteriousおるextra-modest expression for いるまいるextra-modest expression for いく and くるもうすextra-modest expression for いういたすextra-modest expression for するいただくextra-modest expression for たべる and のむござるextra-modest expression for あるておるextra-modest expression for ~ているでござるextra-modest expression for ですいただくhumble expression for もらううかがるto humbly visit(に); to humbly ask (person に)まがるto turn (right/left) (corner を direction に)もどるto return; to come back (~に)さしあげるhumble expression for あげる(る)聞こえるto be audible (~が)(る)つたえるto convey (message)(る)またせるto keep (someone) waiting (~を)(る)つづけるto continue (~を)(る)こうかんするto exchange (X と Y を)へんぴんするto return (merchandise) (~を)せいかつするto lead a lifeかいfloorいっ回first floorーみたいなXX like ....またagainではWell then (formal)できればif possibleまことにreally (very polite)よろしかったらif it is okay (polite)かしこまりましたcertainlyしつれいしましたI am sorry to have inconvenienced youもうしわけありませんYou have my apologies. (polite)