Tom's brother was a waiter
10 years ago.
Now he's a gardener.
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William's grandma was a ballet dancer in 1980. Now she's a hairdresser.Her son was a flight attendant in 2015. Now he's *an* architect.Sean and Richard were bus drivers four years ago. Now they're taxi drivers.Mr. Clark was a photographer in 2012. Now he's a florist.Mrs. Clapman was a French teacher last year. Now she's *an* English teacher.Peter and his brother were gardeners last year. Now they're petrol station attendants.Their son-in-law was *an* electrician in 2014. Now he's a plumber.Frank and his cousin were students last spring. Now they're computer technicians.John's neighbour was a bricklayer in 1995. Now he's a postman.Joe's neighbours were waitress*es* in 2008. Now they're dressmakers.Mr. Howard was a fireman in 1993. Now he's a surveyor.Betty's brother-in-law was a refuse collector last year. Now he's a photographer.Their nephew was a conjurer seven years ago. Now he's a film director.Sean and his friend Jim were students in 2002. Now they're doctors.Betty's daughter was a masseuse last year. Now she's a dressmaker.George's brother was a football player eight months ago. Now he's a cook.Tom's German friend was a baker last year. Now he's a plumber.Mrs Peterson was a tour guide 8 years ago. Now she's a French teacher.Mary's nephew was a street cleaner last year. Now he's a gardener.Brian's parents were newsagents last year. Now they're farmers.Aldo's nephew was a lawyer in 1995. Now he's a judge.Their nephew was a cobbler last year. Now he's a barber.Their German friends were bricklayers five years ago. Now they're plumbers.Mr. Owen was a butcher 10 years ago. Now he's a beekeeper.John's niece was a waitress last year. Now she's a yoga instructor.Daisy and her friend were ballet dancers last year. Now they're models.Oliver's cousin was a taxi driver last winter. Now he's a farmer.His parents were cooks nine years ago. Now they're photographers.Sean's brother was a mechanic six months ago. Now he's a plumber.Walter and his uncle were plumbers last year. Now they're bus drivers.Their grandson was a greengrocer last summer. Now he's a cook.Their granddaughter was a pianist in 1994. Now she's a dressmaker.