hat is the difference between ferrous and nonferrous metals?
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Luster - metals have the quality to reflect light State-metals are solid at room temperature Malleability - metals have the ability to withstand hammering Ductility - metals can be drawn into wires Conductors of Heat and Electricity - metals are good conductors of heat and electricity because of its free electrons Melting and Boiling Points - metals have high melting and boiling points Density metals have high density and are very heav
What are materials of which a single unit is sized between 1 and 100 nmNanomaterialWhat are the classifications of NanomaterialsOrganic-based, Inorganic-based, Carbonbased, and Composite- based nanomaterialsWhat are the three layers of nanoparticlesthe surface layer, the shell layer, and the coreThey have a hollow structure made up of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons, each comprised of 60 carbon atoms and regarded as a perfect zerodimensional material because they are isotropic, tiny, and sphericalC60 FullurenesWhat are the applications of nanomaterials?Techologies such as bio-techonology, cosmetic technology, electronics, civil engineering etc.Why is it important to know what chemicals are present in your household?To know how to properly handle the supplies or chemicalIs it safe to smell the chemicals you know nothing about? Why or why not: No, for safety reason, the chemical may be toxic.What is the worst-case scenario if you inhale, absorb, and ingest a toxic chemical?deathIn taking up the engineering courses, how is chemical safety relevant to engineeringTo avoid the hazards and risks found in the workplace.Chemicals entering our body through our skin and eyes which causes us to become exposed to chemicals is called Absorption, what are the possible symptoms of this?Burning sensation, blurred vision, discomfort, blindnesIn proper handling of chemicals, why is it important to label chemicals?It is important because to avoid confusion and accidents in mixing chemicalWhat is the simplest thing that helps you protect yourself during experimentation with chemicals?: Personal Protective Equipment (PPEChemical safety is relevant in our daily lives, why do you think soWe are surrounded with supplies that has chemicalWhy do we need to be thorough in cleaning up after handling chemicals?To avoid cross contaminationHow important does following the instructions step by step in handling chemicals or doing an experiment?To be safe and to be precise