Custody and arrest people with autism—
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Autism may not be ?-physically obvious.1 in 59 people are diagnosed with autism. Also more common in males than females. 1 in 37 boys,,, 1 in 151 girls.1 in 59 people are diagnosed with autism. Also more common in males than females. 1 in 37 boys,,, 1 in 151 girls.Autism is the what-fastest growing developmental disability.People with devolopmental disabilties are ____ more likley to come in contact with police than the general public— —------7 timesIQ's range from what with autism-25-150What does Neurodevelopmental mean?-refers to the nervous system including the brain. Affects normal brain movement.Autism affects what?-affects you socially, behaviors, and communication plus languages. Have to remain calm with themSafe roomsecured room which is utilzed during a emergency situation that afford immediate protection for detail.Holding room-office that can be utilzed by the VIP or head of state, to hold or make phone calls or work,Team leader-lead agent of protective team designated as the protection detail cordinator.Special events VIP notification form-utilzed by special events to notify divisions of all of the divisions of a guestThe outer perimeter of protection-fixed post assignments, protective intelligence teams, credentials.The middle perimeter-credential screening, magnetometer and x ray screening, pedestrian screening,The inner perimeter-establishes routes, remain with principle, arrival entrance.Protective team movements-diamond formations, front/rear function 360 degree coverage. Shelter in place situation.Knowing area of responsibility-know your perimeters. Ensure everytning is cleared. Focus on potential threat.When are protectees most vulnerable.-departure of them leaving.The protection team —offering 360 degress of protection. Be polite but firm.Communication and functions-your name and radio number, name is visiting dignitary, precise location, the designations.Notify dispatcher when motercades are-five minutes out - x xray,,, two mintues out- y young, 30 seconds out- z zebraThree elements for an assault to take place-must have a protectee present, must have assailant present, opportunity to attack.Where should your focus be—--any potential threats in your area.Cp315- use of force-no copies are made or distributed, goes under police file, its strictly regulated.Any off duty officer that engages in a reportable use of force incident must-report it to local law enforcement, notify the watch commander, complete cp 315 and describe the circmstances.Must complete CP 315 for— unintentional discharges, withdrawel from holster, any use of force greater than empty hand physical techniques.When using force-1. immediate verbal report to their supervisors. 2. Must complete a Cp 315..3. Narrative of the situation. 4. Must be completed prior to end of shift ... 5. Each officer that was their witnesseing it or using force as wel has to fill one out.Span of conrol-3-7 preferralbe, 5 is optimun. 'Management by objectives SMART- specific, measurable, acheivable, relevant, and time sensitive.3 major concerts a year-memorial day, july 4th, labor daysCAPE hood, CBRN 30—one time use,, purifies the air around you. 30 mins.Responding on active shooter- evacuate RUN, lockdown Hide, fight backProtective actions-evacuation, shelter in place, relocate.Notification methods-fire alarms, radios, emergency annunciators,The green light—\color of incidnet command postWhat is the unit transprotation for emergency planning-unit 45 is the truck,, the mobil van is unit 46.4 stages of emergency planning—prepardness, mitigation, response, recovery.One thing that doesnt go in a mark 43-field contacts, which are pd76 pd76a.With multiple arrestees—one report per person. Each officer has a differnt report.251-public document252internal documentCFN- 12 digits,, first 6 are year month dayCCN-8 digits, first two are the yearStatement of facts-arrest narrative, gersteinSick leave-4 hours every two weeks, 104 hours total and 13 days per year.Sick leave may be used only for- medical treatment, incapacitated from performance of duty, to provide care for a family member. Death of family, exposure to disease, adoption related purposes.Medical certificate-required when your out for more than 4 days. Assigned for leave restriction status, requesting assignment in a restricted duty status.Medical Certificate must specify duty status-Full unrestricted, temp restricted duty, non duty status .CP 542- temporary disability requirements,--out for 4 days. Fill out for illness or injury. notify chain of command. Performance duty injuries, Non performance injury, assigned to leave restriction status from returning from any absence.Reporting an illness on duty, off duty, and returning to duty-- report to supervisor on duty,,, -off duty do it at least one hour prior,,...... -returning to duty at least one hour before and prepare cp 542.Restrictions while in a non duty status-will provide where you can reached, will not engage in outside employment, travel must be approved by supervisor, SICK LEAVE DOES NOT EXCLUDE YOU FROM COURT.Employee comp-forms of CA-1(tramatic injury) Ca-2, cp 542, goes to supervisor too,Continuation of pay is covered for-45 calender daysOn restricted duty you have to wear-civilian attire.Provides updates on cp542 when-every 14 days if youre still out.Types of leave under family medical leave act-family leave, medical care, intermittent absence, serious health condition.Dead tags-an individual fails to register after title has been changed over to him/her.Traffic violation enforcebale in the primary jurisidction are found in—-title 50 DC code.Failure to display current tags-if the vehicles registration is current but not displayed. If no current registration on file by owner. Or Has been registered at some time by the owner. HAS to be displayed...In DC there are two tags—one in front and one on the rear. Should be a sticker on the drivers side windshield.Motorcycles and trailers only need what—one tag on the rear.Non resident tags- Va and MD have tags front and rear.Dc and VA have inspection stickers-corners on the windshield.Maryand has no what-inspection sticker.Vin-17 charecter number that is unique to that car. Since 1981An officer attemting to verifiy vehicle registration should give the VIN# as well as a descrpition of the vehicle—make model year, type, color.Operating a unregistered vehicle-never been registered ever. Arrest if useing false name, has no registration on file or to any person.Failure to exhibit registration—fails to have the current registration card in their possession upon demand.Spurious tags-tags that have been hand made or altered to resemble a current issued tag.Operating a unsafe vehicle-no individual may operate or use or permit operation of any vehicle which is unsafe or inproperly equipped. Remove off roadway if you deem its a danger to the public. Issue NOI if its unsafe "operating or permitting operation while mechanical conditions unsafe"Impoundment and removal-vehicles that are not properly registered may not be driven away.Cp 97—vehicle disposition reportDont need a drivers licisence if-US military personnel operating a military vehicle.No individual shall operate a moter cycle if what-need to possess a valid operators permit for it.Summary arrest-taking individual into custody and booking him for a serious traffic offense.No valid permit offense-no operators permit, expired for more than 90 days. Suspended or revoked. Will arrest... IF SUSPEDNED OR REVOKED IN ANOTHER STATE BUT STOPPED IN DC ITS JUST NO VALID PERMIT.Operating after revocation-persons operating a motor vehicle after their privileges in the district have been terminated. Is an arrestFailure to exhibit operators permit-must have valid permit but does not have it in their possession while operating the motor vehicle.No DC status-no record, good or bad;Learnings permit—must be at least 16, can be renewed for one year. Must have a 21 yo with and valid driveres license.. Can violate hours if going to work, religious events or school sponsered days.NOI-notice of infranctionBAC-blood alcohol concentration , .03- slowed reaction .05 increased risk taking .08- impaired vision .10 poor coordinationBAC .01-.04=== DUI prove impairment,BAC .05-.07=====DUI - dont have to prove impairment.BAC .08 or above—--DWI intoxicatedAnyone under 21 years will be charged with what after drinking—-DWIOperating while impaired-Considered the lower charge from DUI DWI. atttorny general changes and charges them with this.Phase 1-vehicle in motion, most common, take good notes, witnessesPhase 2-personal contact, observations, what you hear, smell. Document everything.Phase 3-pre arrest screening.Three phases of detecton-vehicle in motion, personal contact, pre arrest screening. (SFST)Personal contact/interview phase-driver statments. Their action, testing them.Standardized field sobriety test(SFST) pre arrest screening by them-Horizontal gaze nustagmus, walk and turn, one leg stand..... Used to evaulate physial coordination in order to determine their relationship with alcohol.Breathalyzer-draeger certified operatorBloood anlysis-hospital and only blood drawn from other medical screening.Urinalysis-hospital, traffic accident with no injurries/refuse blood or urine sample.If there is refuseal to test—their license can be revoked and they can be arrested.DUI DWI For for paperwork—Mark 43CP 805—implied consent form..Implied consent-shall be given a choice to to summit to chemical test or refuse them.In DC there is no requiremnt for any individual to posses or disply identification. —only if there has been an infraction made.Operator responsibilites-due care, warning sound, chldren and incapacitated persons.Prohibited pedestrian activity-no climbing, jumping, standing on or enterence to sky light, swimming, skatboarding, roler skating, all pd 61d violation.Crowd contrling and establishing a police line-to stop rioting, disorderly gatherings, to protect people and property. This is used to close things down.Obey and order-must compley with any police officer.Sleeping or lying down-no sleeping anywhere. Cannot sleep on paved areas on improved areas. Can only sleep at nights on grass areas.Not 61d eligible-metal detectors, open flamesBikes must have a what—a seatBicycles-Both hands need to be on the handle bars. No clinging themselves onto other veicles. No riding side by side. Not supposed to be on side walks. Pedestrians have right away. No helment for people over 16. No sirens, need permit if parked in special spot. No securing it to fire hydrants only bike racks.Mopeds-16yo- never on side walk, need a seat, no clinging, one per lane, yield to pedestrians. If no permit or registrian, hit with using unregistered vehicle no arrest.motercycles -have to have a seat, more than one if cycle can carry them. Must have helement. Must need valid licences (m).Diplomats and traffics offenses-can be given NOI'SJuvenials who commit traffic violation over 16 are—treated as adults. Call CIS and tel them you have a juvenial.If NOI should be thrown away and voided-write VOID across the ticket, turn into supervisor, and turn in cp 564.At the end of your tour-all NOIs are presetned to your supervisor.Copy C—carbonless copy with pink colored back. 30 days to respond or driving privilges in DC wil be suspended.When conducting traffic stop—must give NOI for initial violation or pd 76Seperate NOI are issued for what-each alleged offenses.Noi are supplied by-DMVAS Department of motor vehicles adjudication services.Two parts of NOI's—A and C.. use civilian time.Reckless driving- Aggravated Reckless Drivinganyone who puts sonmeone else at danger for their action. Risking property or people, and is speeding Aggravated- person does one or more of following causes property damage 1,000 or more. Causes bodily harm or disfigurement. Is speeding 30 miles per hour or more over speed limitSegways- 16 or older, must have both hands on it,speed limit 10mph, can be on sidewalks, only one headphone in.Seatbelt exceptions-unable due to medical reasons, anyone who doesnt have one. In vehicles before 1966,Felonly while driving-fleeing scene of officer along with reckless driving getting away.Misdamenor while driving -refusing to stop for police officer. Just leaving the scene not breaking any rulesDont need both hands on wheel for the following-911 or 311, hospital, fire department and police.Hands free accessory -Add on feature, allows operator to keep both hands on wheelFare disputes are a civil matter- they only become a criminal matter if the passenger refuses to pay driver. As an officer, advise passenger of the whole procedure. If they refuse have driver demand them to pay and if not arrest for theft 2.Refusal of service-they belive they are in violation of the law, cause to fear for themselves or cab, the cab is previously enganged meaning someone is already in it.Taxi meter -instrument or device which charges the passenger for hire of licensced taxicab is automatically calculated.Dual registraion-cabs can have two tage for DC and other states.Hack-a car driven by a person whose job it is to take passengers for exchange of money.If tanner is in trouble by his girl and is at the bar so he decided to leave immediately, what is he charged with if he blows a .06?DUIIf Veit is driving back from Jacksonville and gets pulled over and blows a .18, what is he charged with?DWIIf Stanley gets his head kicked in at a bar, wakes up and decided to drive to hospital. But then gets pulled over without any registration ever and a fake plate, what is he charged with?Operating unregistered vehicle and arrest is made on his assIf wack is killed in a car reck and fish is headed to funeral, and fish is pulled over along the way with his permit suspended for more then 90 days, what happens?Charged with no valid permit and arrested because it's been expired more than 90 daysIf Stanley is pulled over in his BMW and his front tire is leaning one way and the 2004 maintenance has not been kept up with and the lights and turn signal don't work what can happen?Operating unsafe vehicleRegistration- Permit-Registration- more then 30 days can be towed higher fine Permit- more then 90 days arrestedSaftey for flares- 15 to 20 foot intervals. Never set for traffic8 to flow into lanes.Notify communications-- debris in roadway, malfunctining signs, defective systems.Whistle commands-one long blast 2-3 seconds means stop........ Two short blast will inidcate start.Which side do you face—Face direction that has the most traffic flowEquipment required for traffic directions-satey vest/ traffic vestSearches off of a fresh pursuit—only chase due to felonies, once they are found and stopped the search stops no matter what else you find.When can you pursue a foot pursuit—when you think a crime has been commited, preventing an escape, suspect somone who has commited a crime.Fresh pursuits-vehicluar pursuits and foot pursuits. Only for felonys. Can be called hot pursuits.USCP mountain bikes-Will not pursue or stop a moving moterized vehicle.Vehicle pursuit into MD or VA—only if there PC to belive suspect has commited a violent felony in DC.Violent felony-felony involving violence or thrreatend violence against another person,Vehicle Pursuits you cannot pursue-non violent felonies, misdememors, crimes against property, traffic violations.Vehicluar pursuits-only can pursuit if you belive they have commited a felonly involving violence or threatend violence against another person\USCP pursuit vehicles-only vehicles rated by the manufacturer for pursuit operation and wich are designated as authorized USCP emergency vehicles are allwoed to engage is pursuits.Code 3-A response at the convenience of the operator of any department vehicle in full compliance with all applicable traffice regulations.Emergency vehicle-those vehicles which are marked vehicles with USCP reflective with lights.Code 2 operation-a response directly without delay utilzing the operation of any department vehicle, in full compliance with all the applicable traffic. Follwoing traffice laws..Code 1 emergency response-the operation of a department vehicle with emergency equipment activated. Only authorized USCP emergency vehicles can respond to code 1. Code 1 does not relive you of due regard.When striking flares-strike away from face.Saftey for flares -15 to 20 foot intervals. Never set for traffic8 to flow into lanes.Goal of the department for traffic stops-reduce collisions, ensure ordely movement, control use of grounds.Sworn emplloyees goal during traffic stops is to—- positively change the violaters driving behavior.Emergency vehicles pt 2— a siren capable of giving a signal from as least 500ft.. At least one lamp displaying a red/blue light. Visible from 500ft.Only sworn officers intiate what-traffic stops.Investigative stop-initates a stop of a vehicle based on a articulable reasonable.Initiation of a stop.—your location, vehicle tag, color make model, number of people in car, solo or double unitHi risk felonly stops-Advise dispatch of the hi risk. If possible delay untill back up, take cover,Code of conduct-exhibit the highest standards of personal integrity and truthfulness and to place their public responsibility aove their own personal interest.Outside employment and volunteer work- has to be approved by chief of police.Define ethics-a set of values which guides your choices, actions and determines the course of our lives.Values-what we see and absorb, from parents, they are caught not taught.Social norms-group held belifes about how members should behave in any given context.Values vs ethics-values are personal,, ethics are how we use them.The bad-corrupt from the start, victimize otherThe uncontrolled-come in for the right reasons however go into peer presure, can be turned,The self controlled-do the right thing but not for the right reason.The excellent-the honest, non corrupt, would never be unethical.6 pillar of character-trustworthiness, respect, justice/fairness, respnsibility, caring, citizenship/ civic virtue.Ethical policing—fair access, public and trust, saftey and seceurity, teamwork, objectivity,Common neutralizations of ethical conflict-denial of responsibility, denial of injury, denial of victim, condemming the condemmers. Appeal higher loyalties,Stake holders-people affected by what you do, family friends, emplyers, co workers.ACT-alternative, Consequences, tell your story.The five P's-purpose, pride, patience, persistance, perspective.Lautenburg act—-prohibits anyone convicted for a misdamenor crime of a domestic violence act.Civil protection order—-good for one year... will arrestTemporary protection order—-- good for 14 days from date of issue .... Will arrest.Stalking-more than one engagment. Intent to cause emotional stress.What to say to DV victims still in the relationships-Im here for you when you're ready to leave.Honeymon phase—will never happen again, extra love and attention.Denail phase-battery makes excuses. It wont happpen again.Strangulation- huge red flag, call ems right away, voice is changing and struggling,, underlying injuries can kill victims up to 36 hours laterSerious battering phase-the explosion phase.. this is the most likley time for the police to be called. Look at all areas of body for injuries and evidence.. Most time under clothing being hidden.When women usually use violence- fighting back, exerting power, defence, creating fear.3 possible outcomes—stop the abuse,,,,,, victim leaves,,,, someone diesClassification when charging them—Domest violence simple assault,, or Domestic violence aggrevated assault.For a DV lock up there no-citation release. They are staying in jail, not getting out.A law enforcement officer shall arrest a person is they have ?-probable casue, injury, pain or illness,.Domestic violence definition-any abusive or coercive behavior used to control an intimate partner. Physical or psychological. Power and control______ women were murdered in their workplace by former or current intimate partners—---142AVG number of times an abuser hits their spouse before they make a police report—-35__ percent of female homicide victims are killed by intimate partners—40Every _______- seconds someone in US is assualeted by violence—7 seconds