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estamos en el avion (accent over o)

we are in the plane

vanis a Espana (senor)

we are going to Spain

quien (acc over e) esta (accent over a) con nosotros?

who is with us?

tu madre esta con nosotros

your mother is with us

no habla espanol (senor)

she doesn't speak Spanish

tratar de + infinitive

to try to do something

estas (acc over a) listo/a?

are you ready?


let's begin

donde (accent over o) esta (acc over a)?

where is


to stop

la parada de autobuses

the bus stop

esta (acc over a) a la derecha

it's on the right

esta (acc over a) a la izquierda

its on the left

cerca de

near to

lejos de

far from

esta (acc over a) cerca de aqui (acc over i)?

is it near here?

el hotel esta (acc over a) lejos de aqui (acc over i)?

is the hotel far from here?

por favor!

lit. please


lit. listen

una cerveza

a beer

una cana (senor)

a glass of draught beer

un cafe (acc over e) con leche

a white coffee

un cafe cortado

a coffee with a dash of milk

la cuenta, por favor

the bill, please

nos trae la cuenta, por favor?

can you bring us the bill please

traiganos (acc over first a) la cuenta!

bring us the bill

el cafe (acc over e)

the cafe

el restaurante

the restaurant

la oficina de turismo

the tourist information office

la farmacia

the chemist's /pharmacy

el estanco


una tarjeta postal

a postcard

un sello

a stamp

en que (acc) puedo ayudarle?

how can I help you?

en que (acc) puedo servirle?

how can I help you?

algo mas (acc)?

anything else/something else?

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