chemistry semester 1 exam

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The symbols for a metal, nonmetal, and a noble has IN THAT ORDER are:
a) Ba, P, Ar
b) Ag, Ga, Xe
c) Ce, Ge, Ne
d) Ca, Sn, Kr
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The majority of the elements found in the periodic table can be classified as.. a) metals b) nonmetals c) gases d) nonreactivea) metalsBoiling point, density, conductivity, and color can all be classified as the __ of a substance. a) nuclear properties b) physical properties c) chemical properties d) reactive propertiesb) physical propertiesWhich element has the noble gas configuration of [Kr] 5s^24d^2?Zr52.0 grams of LiCl (Lithium Chloride) represens __ moles of LiCl?1.24 moLThe value of 8.004 x 10^-3 in standard notation would be...008004Chris was working in the chemistry lab and wanted to know what would happen if he put copper chloride into a bunsen burner flame. As soon as he put it in the flame it bgean to emit a green color. How would you explain this occurence? a) the heat split the nucleus and created a new element b) as the copper chloride was heated, electrons were turned into neutrons c) as the electrons moved to a higher energy level, a photon of light was emitted d) when excited electrons return back to the ground state, a photon of light was emittedd) when excited electrons returned back to the ground state, a photon of light was emittedIf you had 9.46 x 10^30 atoms of Ag, you would have ____ moles of Ag.15,700,000Determine which statement is true. a) electrons travel around the nucleus in circular orbits b) the Bohr atom is the model currently accepted for electrons in atoms c) an electron's position and energy can be known with certainty d) currently, scientists know the energies of electrons but only approximate areas (orbitals) where electrons are probably locatedd) currently, scientists know the energies of electrons but only approximate areas (orbitals) where electrons are probably locatedElements in the same group/family of the periodic table are similar in what way? a) they are all metals b) they are all non-metals c) they have a full outer shell d) they have the same number of valence electronsd) they have the same number of valence electronsA basketball player throws 100 balls at the basket. 99 of the shots hit the front of the rim and bounce of without going into the basket. This person could be said to be.. a) accurate and precise b) accurate but not precise c) precise but not accurate d) neither accurate nor precisec) precise but not accurateHow many protons are in the nucleus of a sodium atom?11If the mass number for a sulfur atom is 34 amu, how many neutrons are in the nucleus of the atom18calcium has an electron configuration of 1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^2 3p^6 4s^2. The atomic number of Scandium is 21. Which orbital does the 21st electron enter?3dWrite the correct electron configuration for rubidium.1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^2 3p^6 4s^2 3d^10 4p^6 5s^1What is the maximum number of electrons that can occupy the d sublevel?10Isotopes of an element have different.. a) atomic numbers b) mass numbers c) numbers of protons d) numbers of electronsb) mass numbersWhich type of orbitals are dumbbell shaped?pWhich electron configuration represents a halogen? a) ends with 2p^3 b) ends with 3s^2 c) ends with 3d^7 d) ends with 4p^5d) ends with 4p^5What is the correct nuclear symbol for carbon-13?If the accepted value of a reaction gave 56 grams of a product but the measured value was only 35 grams, what would the percent error for the reaction be?37.5%How many milligrams are in 3 moles of CO2?132,000 mgWhich color of the visible spectrum would represent the greatest emission of energy?violetWhich of the following atomic orbitals does not exist according to the quantum model of the atom? a) 1s b) 2d c) 5f d) 6pc) 5fWhat is the mass number of an isotope that has 17 electrons and 20 neutrons?37Which of the following properties do solids share with liquids? a) definite volume b) definite shape c) fluidity d) do not diffusea) definite volumeWhat is the total number of subatomic particles (protons + neutrons + electrons) in an atom of vanadium-51?23 protons, 28 neutrons, and 23 electronsOctane is a component in gasoline. What type of substance is octane? a) homogenous mixture b) heterogenous mixture c) element d) compoundd) compoundWhich of these would be the best instrument to measure 15.5 mL of water? a) 25 mL beaker b) 25 mL graduated cylinder c) 25 mL Erlenmeyer flask d) 25 mL test tubeb) 25 mL graduated cylinderWhich process represents a chemical change? a) cutting wire b) rusting of iron c) evaporation of water d) boiling waterb) rusting of ironWhich type of matter forms when sugar dissolves in water? a) colloid b) element c) compound d) solutiond) solutionGiven the following nuclear symbol of Oxygen, how many neutrons are present in the isotope?7nBoron has one valence electron in the 2p orbital. In which of these orbitals is the electron likely to be found?c)A negatively charge particle with no mass, wavelike behaviors, and responsible for chemical bonding behaviors is..?an electronOf the following samples of matter, which one has the lowest kinetic energy state? a) nitrous oxide gas b) frozen water c) steam from boiling water d) melted crayonsb) frozen waterWhich of the following elements in their ground state has electrons in the 3d sublevel: Br, Be, Mg, or K?BrList the phase changes that are exothermic.1) gas to liquid 2) liquid to solid 3) gas to solidWhen mixing 20 grams of sodium chloride (NaCl) in 100 mL of water, which substance is known as the solute?the sodium (water=solvent)In an endothermic chemical reaction, there is energy ___ by the system from the surroundings.absorbingA chemical or condition written above the yield arrow in a chemical equation is known as a(n):catalystFlammability, pH, and reactivity with other substances can be classified as ____ of a substance. a) nuclear properties b) physical properties c) chemical properties d) reactive propertiesc) chemical propertiesWhich of the following describes evidence of a chemical reaction (change)? a) lighting a match b) grape juice freezing c) ice melting d) water boilinga) lighting a matchWhich state of matter has the greatest distance between particles?gasA sample of a substance has a high density and very little particle motion. This sample must be a ___. a) gas b) liquid c) plasma d) solidd) solidDavid measures the mass of his pencil on an electronic scale. How many significant figures are there in his record measurement of 5.430 grams.4What is the proper scientific notation for 12,500,0001.25x10^7How many atoms are there in 3.0 moles of carbon?1.81x10^24If you convert 4.5 grams of water to moles of water, you would have ___ mL.0.25 mLExamine the element on the periodic table. Using your knowledge of the periodic table which of these statements is CORRECT regarding nitrogen? a) all nitrogen atoms have 7 protons b) the mass number of nitrogen is 21 c) all nitrogen atoms have 14 protons d) nitrogen atoms have more protons than flourine atomsa) all nitrogen atoms have 7 protonsWhat do all these elements have in common? B,C,N,O,F a) they have the same number of protons b) they have the same number of electrons c) they have the same number of energy levels d) they have the same number of valence electronsc) they have the same number of energy levelsHow many neutrons are found in an isotope of uraninum-235?143on the modern periodic table, elements are arranged.. a) according to Mendeleev's original design b) according to decreasing atomic number c) based on when they were discovered d) according to increasing atomic numberd) according to increasing atomic numberWhich element would be expected to have chemical properties similar to lithium? a) K b) Mg c) Sc d) Sia) KWhat form of matter cannot be broken into smaller parts through normal chemical or physical means? a) elements b) homogenous mixtures c) compounds d) heterogenous mixturesa) elementsThe highesr energy level of sodium contains __ electron.1Round the number 0.54499999 to two sig figs.0.54Which two from this set have an identical number of energy levels: Li, He, N, S?Li and NAn atom of Al has ___ energy levels with __ electrons in its outer energy level.3; 3Sodium has an atomic number of 11. What is the electron configuration for an atom of sodium?1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^1How many valence electrons does a natural atom of sulfur have?6A wooden block is 3 cm x 2 cm x 6 cm and has a mass of 164 grams. What is the density of the block?4 g/cm^3Chlorine exists as two naturally ocurring isotopes: Chorine-35 (75% abundance) and Chlorine-37 (25% abundance). Which of the following should be used to calculate the correct average atomic mass of chlorine? a) (35 amu x 3) + 27 amu/2 b) (35 amu x .75) + (37 amu x .25) c) (35 amu x 3) + 37 amu/3 d) 35 amu + 37 amu/2b) (35 amu x 3) + (37 amu x .25)Which of the following measurements has 3 sig figs? I. 303 mL II. 3.20 x 10^3 III. 0.006 kg a) I and II only b) II and III only c) I and III only d) I, II, and IIIa) I and II onlyFor an electron in an atom to change from the ground state to the excited state, a) energy must be released b) energy must be absorbed c) visible light must be seen d) the electron must change from a higher energy level to a lower energy levelb) energy must be absorbedWhich best describes the relationship between subatomic particles in any neutral atom? a) protons equal electrons b) protons equal neutrons c) neutrons equal electrons d) more neutrons than protonsa) protons equal electronsWhat element is a solid at room temperature, a nonmetal, and highest energy electrons are in the 4p sublebel? a) sulfur b) carbon c) selenium d) bromined) bromineWhat are the substances called that begin a chemical reaction?reactantsWhat is the mass of 3.5 x 10^24 atoms of bromine?470 gramsThe number of significant figures in the measurement value 0.003200 is __.4the atomic mass listed in the periodic table is the.. a) relative atomic mass b) atomic number c) mass number d) average atomic massd) average atomic massSulfur-34 contains ____ neutrons.18If electrons in an atom have the lowest possible energies, the atom is in the.. a) ground state b) inert state c) excited state d) radiation-emitting statea) ground stateWhich model of the atom explains the orbitals of electrons as waves?quantum modelA three-dimensional region around a nucleus where an electron may be found is call a(n) __.orbitalThe number of possible orbital shapes for the 2nd energy level is __.2How many electrons are in s orbitals for an atom of Y?9Neutral atoms with an s^2p^6 electron configuration in the highest energy level are best classified as..? a) metals b) nonmetals c) metalloids d) gasesd) gasesWhich of the following is a mixture? a) copper b) copper chloride c) zinc chloride d) copper and zincd) copper and zinc