Poli Sci Final Exam 1

which of the following best describes democracy in Britain?

a. unstable
b. stable
c. weak
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what is parity in France? a. Laws that require equal numbers of male and female political candidates b. regulations that ensure political parties form coalitions and pass laws in split governments c. provisions that spreads access to political office evenly across constituenciesa. laws that require equal numbers of male and female candidatesMP stands for _______ a. member of the party b. member of the polity c. member of the parliament d. minister of patronagec. Member of Parliamentwhich of the following are features of an authoritarian government? (select all that apply) a. a government led by a populist leader b. the ruling party or leader is not elected in free and/or fair elections c. the government is dominated by one party or leaderB, Cwhich of the following events led to Britain's downgrade from a "first tier" world military power to a "second tier"? a. the cold war b. the suez crisis c. the troublesb. The Suez CrisisWhich of the following statements is true of global democracy levels in recent years? A. democracy is decreasing globally b. democracy is increasing globally c. democracy is stable globallyA. decreasing