Survey of Media Final Exam

The United States v. Paramount Pictures
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Cable News NetworkWhat does CNN stand for?FalseTrue or False: Thanks to time delay, no one saw Lee Harvey Oswald shot on live television, when Jack Ruby killed him in 1963.FalseTrue or False: When Walter Cronkite told American television viewers that the US should end hostilities in Vietnam, it marked the very first time that any television news journalist ever gave his or her opinion.FalseTrue or False: The first 3-D film was IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE.FalseTrue or False: As a widescreen process, Cinerama was so popular that it continues to be used to the present day in three out of four theaters.FalseTrue or False: McLuhan would call films at a movie theater a "cool" medium because the experience is so passive.The Medium is the MessageMcLuhan is best known for which phrase?FalseTrue or False: The United States has a federal law on film censorship that requires movie ratings.Bonnie and ClydeWhich film specifically led to the start of the movie ratings?Gone With the WindWhich film led to its producer paying a fine for use of the word "damn" - ?