Older Adults Final- Arthritis & Osteoarthritis

Degenerative disease that causes wear and tear on the joints- joint disease
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Joint stiffness
Location inflammation
Aching pain with weight-bearing and movement
Joint movement is limited
Recreational and social activities became limited because of the pain
Walking is difficult
Predisposition to falls
In temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome, mastication and speaking are difficult
Bony enlargement of distal interphalangeal joints
Atrophy of muscles Bone alignment shifts Muscle spasms caused by inflammation and pain Contractures and deformity developWhat other changes frequently occur around the joint?Client history Occupational profile Occupational performance status Cognitive, psychological, and social status Clinical statusWhat is included in the OT evaluation?Type of arthritis How long they've had it Medications Self management Understanding of OT Limitations GoalsWhat should be included in client history?Describe a typical day Routine Use of time fatigue/ energy patterns Activity contexts Good day vs bad dayWhat is included in the occupational profile?Is there a decrease in function and if so, why? Must identify deficits AND causesWhat should be included in the occupational performance status?Lack of sleep pain/ fear of pain Depression Medication Attention span STM, LTM Coping strategiesWhat should be included in the cognitive, psychological, and social status?General observation of posture, willingness to move, and pain behaviors Inflammation ROM Strength Hand function Stiffness Pain Sensation Joint instability/ deformity Physical endurance Functional mobilityWhat should be included in the clinical status?PIP flexion and DIP hyperextension (PIP splinted in extension)What is Boutonniere deformity?PIP hyperextension and DIP flexion (PIP splinted in slight flexion)What is Swan neck deformity?DIP flexion (splinted in full extension)What is mallet finger?Bony enlargements that indicate cartilage damageWhat are nodes?Granulomatous and fibrous soft tissue masses that are sometimes painfulWhat are nodules?Sheath inflammation or nodules near A1 pulleyWhat is Trigger finger?What are the treatment precautions?