Chapter 7 and 8 Vector

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What did Antonio realize was worse than his nightmares?
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What happened when Antoine woke up back to his dream the second time?He woke up in the barracks, in bed, having recovered from his illness.After Antoine's illness, what happened to his body?He became very skinnyWhat did Remy mention to Antoine about yesterday's newspaper?Remy had told Antoine that they were famous since there was a photo of a ship arriving at the coast of Panama and Remy and Antoine were in the middle on the newspaper.Why were Remmy and Antoine nervous to work?It was going to be a rainy day so in addition to the risks of slippery ground, the rain made the ground much more unstable.Why was Antoine more worried than all the other workers?He was more worried than the rest of the workers for being so weak after talking about being so sick.What were Antoine and the rest of the workers running from at the end of chapter 8?A landslide (double check with Irvine if this is the correct translation)What is a landslide capable of doing?Killing hundreds of peopleMon Dieu! (French phrase)My God!