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An aircraft has an altimeter setting of 30.00 in Hg and is flying over a region when the
MSL pressure is 30.20 in Hg. His actual altitude will be
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The lowest 30,000 ft pressure over the North Pole is foundIn JanuaryIn a Southern Hemisphere, air flow isClockwiseFriction makes the surface air flow around a low ____, producing ____Converge, CloudFor a surface wind over land of 220 at 17 kt, the most likely wind at 3000 ft AGL is270 at 30ktThe most likely 3,000 ft AGL wind at C is110/25(chart)The most likely surface wind at an airfield at C is060/25The most likely 3,000 ft AGL wind at C isCool, Moist showersThe most likely 3,000 ft AGL wind at C isEasterly wind, cool, light rain from stratus cloudsThe most likely 3,000 ft AGL wind at C isCold NW winds but clear(chart 2) Anticyclonic vorticity is found atA,B,C(chart 2) Cyclonic Vorticity is found atD,E,G(chart 2 A jet streak is found nearB,E,H(chart 2) Upper-level divergence is most likey nearH(Chart 2) Points B,E, and H have identical isobar spacing. Which has the strongest wind (ignore variations in latitude)B(Chart 2) At point H, the coriolis force points towards the ____ while the pressure gradient points towards the _____?SE, NWWarming of the layer between 1000mb and 500mb will make the 1000mb height ____ and the 500mb height ____.Lower higherThe height difference500 mb height minus 1000 mb height is called the1000 to 500 mb thicknessThe thermal wind relationship equates _____ to _____Vertical wind shear, horizontal temperature gradientsSow is common when the 1000-500mb thickness isBelow 5400mThe 1000-500mb thickness is proportional toAverage temperature between the surface and 18000ftWhich of the following represents warm advection between 850 and 700mb? the values are wind at 850 and wind at 700mb180/20, 250/30(Chart 3) Coldest air is atC(Chart 3)Areas of cold advection are atA,D(chart 3) Areas of warm advection are atB,KSinking motion and clear sky is found with upper-level _____ and low level _____Convergence divergenceDivergence at 300mb generally producesRising motion, cloud falling surface pressureUpper-level divergence is usually foundJust east of an upper troughThe polar jet occurs near latitude ____ at____ft elevation55, 30,000The subtropical jet occurs near latitude _____ in _____30, winterNorth of a jet in the westerlies, the troposphere is _____ and the tropopause is _____ than to the southColder, lowerIn a high altitude flight in a U2 at 55,000 ft, i will encounter coldest average temperatures atThe equatorUpper-level westerlies _____ with eight in the troposphere and _____ with height in the stratosphereIncrease, decreaseLong waves move _____ short waves and have _____ divergenceSlower than, LessFlying from the north to the south side of a jet stream, the tropopause height will _____ and the troposphere temperature will _____Rise, RiseJet level convergence is common on the _____ side of a jet entrance region and the _____ side of the exitPoleward, equatorwardThe polar jet is found between the ___ and the ___ celFerrel, PolarAir flowing from the north toward New Zealand (SH) ismTLake effect snows occur in ___ in ___ air massesNov-Jan, cPBehind (west of) a cold front over indiana, the air masses is ___ and the weather is typically ___cP, clear and coldBehind(west of a cold front over the ocean, the air masses is ___ and the weather is typically___mP, cold with isolated showers and fine intervals