Chinese Philosophy and Religion

26 terms by joycereane

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Test Review: Chinese Philosophy and Religion

Shang Di

main god of Shang Dynasty


failed Zhou politician who turns to philosophy and founds confucianism

Kong Fuzi



writings of Confucius written by his followers

The Five Relationships

most important part of Confucius' teachings

Filial Piety

most important part of 5 relationships, relationships consist of parents to children


Earth darkness female persona of Confucius power


heavens light and male persona of Confucius power


old master, 1st book & 1st writing


the way

Dao De Jing

the way of virtue, writing that will influence chinese culture

Han Foizi

founder of legalism


town where Buddha begins teaching

Middle Path

balance between self denial and normal life


Blissful freedom from incarnation

The eightfold path

used to escape suffering, gives ride code of conduct to gain nirvana


early followers of Buddhism


guy who teaches separate tradition of Buddhism called Maha yang


"great vehicle", says reality is empty and is made in the mind


separate tradition of Buddhism that believes Buddha will always be on Earth


ultimate ideal of confucianism


two people that allow confucianism to be successful


second author/title of the book about Daoism

Book of Changes

where we got 1st info about Yin and Yang

Gaun Zhong

moral and virtuous leader according to Confucianism


two of the most notable Bodhisattvas

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