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The right to vote in political elections
Constitutional amendment
A modification of tr constitution of a nation or state
Social movement
Group action that carries out, resists, or undoes a social change
The 19th amendment
Gave women the right to vote
Lucretia mott
Anti slavery, womans rights, helped organize first public womens rights convention
Susan b. Anthony
Anti slavery, "american equal rights association" founded national womens suffrage assoc.
Elizabeth cady stanton
First president of NWSA, helped organize the first womens rights convention
Sojourner truth
"Aint i a woman?", born into slavery, successfully sued a white man
Alice paul
Leader of the suffragist movement, founded NWP, worked towards the equal rights ammendment
Lucy burns
Formed NWP with alice paul
Carrie chapman catt
Campaigned for the 19th amendment, leader of NAWSA
Reverend anna howard shaw
Leader of suffrage movement, doctor, first ordained minister
Inez millholland
Suffragist, labor lawyer, WWI correspondent
Ida wells barnett
Worked for african american justice, marched in front of the parade
Begining of the womans suffrage movement
Seneca falls womens roghts convention
American equal rights assoc
Creation of NWSA, AWSA, NAWSA
Creation of NWP
Passage of the 19th amendment
Ratification of the 19th amendment