in a __________ most economic decisions about what to produce, how to produce it and for whom to produce it are made by buyers and sellers
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The general pattern that consumption of the first few units of any good tends to bring a higher level of ____ to a person than consumption of later units is a common patternutilityWhich of the following would shift the production possibility curve inwarda decrease in the ammoun too hours worked per week as the labor force chooses to enjoy leisure timethe downward slope of the demand curve illustrates the pattern that as ________ rises. ________ decreasesprice, quantity demandedAfter widespread press reports about the danger of contracting mad cow disease by consuming beef from Canada the US demand curve for beefa shift of the demand curve to the leftWhich are tools for fiscal policytaxes, gov spending, the revere requirementsfind goods or services used to compute GDPgoods and services purchased by the ultimate users