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history quiz 16-21* b.yee

(1806) napolean defeated prussia so they are now part of them
Confederation of the Rhine
formed by napolean of 16 states after he defeated france and austria in battle of austerlitz
1834. used to manage customs and economic policies
Revolution of 1848
wide spread revolution around europe
Frankfurt Assembly
first freely elected parliament in Germany. failed in its attempt to unify germany as constitutional monarchy
Otto von Bismarck
a prussian that oversaw the unification of germany
"Blood and Iron"
He felt that the great things are not finished with speeches and votes...but with iron and blood
Danish War (1864)
led to prussia and austria splitting Schleswig and Holstein
Seven Week's War (1866)
ended austrian-prussian competition for domination of the germany states
Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871)
final step in the unification of germany
Three emperor's leauge
tsar alexander II (russia), franz joseph I (austria-hungary), kaiser wilhelm (germany)
dual alliance
germany and austria hungary
triple alliance
cerntral powers= germany, austria-hungary, italy
triple entente
france, russia, britain
reinsurance treaty
ottowon bismark's last attempt to get russia back because of serbo bulgarian war in 1884
russo-japanese war
showed industrial strengths soon to come
ship with large gun. royal navy
balkan war
ottomans attack... agitation
schlieffen plan
german plan to take france. go arond paris instead. cross belgium to get there
plan 17
french plan to take alsace-lorraine
francis frdinand
archduke of austria, was killed..so they launched war on the serbs..russia wanted to fight back. they go to war
battle of the frontiers
where the schiefflen plan and plan 17 collided. fought on the eastern front of france. plan 17 loses.
battle of tannenberg
early german victory over russia
first battle of the marne
halted german drive on paris in 1914
battle of verdun/battle of somme
verdun-german attempt to defeat france by attrition
somme offensive-heavy British losses with little gain
french and british try to take constantinople. of the ottoman/turks. failed
allies vs. central powers
The Allied Powers in WWI were Britain, France, Italy, US and Russia.
The Central Powers were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire (Turkey), and Bulgaria.
mexican revolution (1914)
poncho villa tries to get us but we take it to him
(1915) germans sink our boats. international water should be anyone's water
zimmerman telegram
(1917)US entry into war because germans try to tell mexicans to wage war agaisnt us.
March telegram
in 1917 the russians are getting tired of the war so they go on strike
alexander kerensky
military revolutionary leader of the russians uring ww1
romanov dynasty
bolshevik revolution
led by vladimir lenin
treaty of brest-litovsk
russia leaves the war with no reparations
weimar republic
temporary government
treaty of rapallo
between russia and germany. gave them fairness
dawes plan
us helps to stabalize german currency by giving them money. US bailout of Germany 1924
locarno pact
germany admits they messed up
kellogg-briand pact
international agreement for everyone to swear never to fight war to settle an international dispute
great depression
black tuesday
smoot hawley tariff
30% tariff on imported goods. helped spread great depression
countries take care of themselves. economic self sufficiency