SAT Vocabulary "H,I"

Hackneyed (adj)
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Iconoclast (n)Person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions Ex. "An iconoclast can be unpleasant company."Idiosyncrasy (n)Peculiarity of temperament Ex. "All people have at least one idosyncracy that makes them different from each other."Impervious (adj)Incapable of being harmed or damaged; impenatrable Ex. "Due to his trauma, the man was impervious to pain."Impetous (adj)Marked by impulsive passion or force and violence of movement or action Ex. "This impetuous behaviour ultimately led to their deaths."Implausible (adj)Improbable; provoking disbelieves Ex. "The student gave the teacher an implausible excuse."Impudent (adj)Marked by cocky boldness or disregard for others Ex. "Cusco was a very impudent emperor."Impugn (v)Attack by words or argument; attack as false or lacking Ex. "John McCain attempted to impugn Barack Obama's patriotism."Incredulous (adj)Unwilling to accept or admit as true Ex. "We find it incredulous that defendant had any intent other than the armed robbery."Indigent (adj)Extremely impoverished Ex. "The man lost his job and became indigent."Indignant (adj)Angry, especially at wrong doing Ex. "Sally was indignant when the other kids called her fat."Indiscreet (adj)Lack of prudence Ex. "I thought it was very indiscreet of her to tell her sister's secrets to the whole class."Indolent (adj)Averse to activity, effort or movement Ex. "Unlike her hardworking brother, she had alot of indolence."Iniquity (n)Wickedness, gross injustice Ex. "He had to be punished for his iniquity."Innocuous (adj)Harmless; not likely to offend Ex. " Mary bit eagerly into the innocuous brownie."Inordinate (adj)Exceeding reasonable limits Ex. " They shut the construction site down due to the inordinate number of worker injuries."Insidious (adj)Harmful but enticing Ex. "The stalker was insidious in his attempts to reach his victim."Insipid (adj)Lacking qualities that interest, stimulate or challenge; lacking flavor Ex. " Without hot sauce, the nachos tasted insipid."Insolent (adj)Insultingly arrogant in speech or conduct Ex. "The insolent young man was rude and disrespectful to everyone he knew."Intimate (v)Communicate delicately and indirectly Ex. " My sister intimated that she was pregnant."Irreverent (adj)Lacking proper respect or seriousness Ex. "Talking loudly in church is an irreverent action."