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Vocabulary Workshop


(n.) a state of being temporarily inactive, suspended, or set aside
S: deferment, postponement, suspension


(adj.) having opposite and conflicting feelings about someone or something
S: equivocal, ambiguous, of two minds
A: unequivocal, unambiguous, clear-cut


(v.) to set upon from all sides; to surround with an army; to trouble, harass
S: besiege, encircle, pester

carte' blanche

(n.) full freedom or authority to act at one's own discretion
S: blank check, free rein


(n.) a sudden, violent, or devastating upheaval; a surging flood, deluge
S: disaster, catastrophe


(v.) to corrupt morally, seduce; to indulge in dissipation; (n.) an act or occasion of dissipation or vice
S: (v.) carouse, (n.) spree, orgy
A: (v.) elevate, uplift, inspire, purify


(n.) dazzling or conspicuous success or acclaim; great brilliance (of performing or achievement)
S: celebrity
A: dullness, insipidity, mediocrity


(adj.) overly demanding or hard to please; excessively careful in regard to details; easily disgusted
S: precise, meticulous, exacting, finicky
A: careless, sloppy, messy, untidy, slovenly


(v.) to jump or skip about playfully
S: frolic, romp, cavort, caper
A: lumber, trudge, plod


(v.) to soak or stain thoroughly; to fill the mind
S: infuse, instill, inculcate
A: remove, expunge, eradicate, erase


(adj.)just beginning; not fully shaped or formed
S: incipient, embryonic, rudimentary
A: mature, developed, complete


(n.) a malicious satire; (v.) to satirize, ridicule
S: (n.) burlesque; (v.) parody
A: (n.) compliment, flattery, homage


(adj.) capable of being formed into different shapes; capable of being altered, adapted, or influenced
S: pliable, impressionable, adaptable
A: rigid, inflexible unyielding, intractable


(n.) an agent or force inflicting vengeance or punishment; retribution itself; an unbeatable rival
S: comeuppance, avenger
A: guardian angel, ally, patron


(v.) to make a choice or decision
S: choose, select, decide


(adj.) lacking in, hostile to, or smungly indifferent to cultural and artistic values or refinements; (n.) such a person
S: (adj.) boorish, lowbrow; (n.) yahoo
A: (adj.) refined, cultivated; (n.) esthete, highbrow


(adj.) involving or characteristic of clever rogues or adventures
S: roguish, rascally, rakish


(adj.) nauseated or uneasy; causing nausea or uneasiness; troubled
S: unsettled
A: calm, untroubled, confident


(adj.) stubborn; hard of difficult to manage; not responsive to treatment or cure
S: unruly, disobedient, willful, mulish
A: docile, tractable, dutiful, obedient


(n.) the ability to say and do the right hting in any situation; social competence
S: tact, finesse, suavity, sophistication
A: tactlessness, gaucherie, boorishness

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