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  1. inquiry
  2. unseeing
  3. derisive
  4. embalm
  5. mull
  1. a to go over deeply in the mind; ponder
  2. b not consciously observing
  3. c to treat (a corpse) with preservatives in order to prevent decay
  4. d a search for knowledge
  5. e showing or characterized by derision; mocking; scornful

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  1. to take great pleasure or satisfaction
  2. foolish or senseless behavior
  3. not fitting closely; hanging loosely
  4. not flexible; stiff; severe
  5. to improve in health or condition ; heal

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  1. apprehendto take into custody; arrest


  2. willto go over deeply in the mind; ponder


  3. confettismall pieces or streakers of colored paper that are thrown around on festive occasions


  4. diagnosea man who is engaged to be married


  5. ornithologyin a magnificent or royal manner


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