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What fire hydrant has water filled up to the nut?
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What type of rope construction is required for life safety?Block creelWhat is L in LUNAR?locationWhat is N in LUNAR?nameWhat are the structural supports at the rungs?beamsWhat happens when life safety rope is deemed unserviceable?Downgrade to utility ropeAfter inspecting the portable generator what is the last step?Complete DocumentsStandard for retroreflective vest?ANSI 207/107Fire standard for fire gloves?NFPA 1971Fire standard for Life and Safety?NFPA 1500Which company rescues victims and downed firefighters?Rescue companyWhich construction company always have a collapse zone?type VWhat tool is used to shear off locks?K toolMaster streams flows how much water?350 GPMsHow do you fight a car fire?uphillA slab door can be?solid or hollow coreHow do you face the fire truck in traffic?Facing away from trafficWhat post do you make a purchase point or relieve cut for a dash roll?A postPure propane is?odorlessWhich type of sprinkler can be mounted to the side of the wall?Sidewall MountIf SCBA is placed away in front of you, which would you use to don?Over-Head MethodWhat are the locking mechanisms of a ladder?PawlsWho organizes the plan in an incident?Incident CommanderFoam concentrate and _____ is used to combine and make a solution?waterWhat is attached to the pump to provide foam?CAFS (Compressed Air Foam System)A house with _____ may have peeled away due to the inside wall burning?veneersFirewall are made of what material due to its poor conductivity to heat?MasonryAs a consequence of ____ the hottest gases move to the top of the structure through convection?Thermal layeringNo more than ____ should be tested at a time.300 feetFire department use what as their main means of communication?radiosAn officer with 8 firefighters may be outside his/her?span of controlIf a hose shows defects during inspection it should be?Placed out of service and taggedWhich load has the hose loaded on its side and then loaded back and forth?Accordion loadWhat load has two sections laid, then a fold, then loop around and has the male end off the side?Minute ManA home with what type of construction may have interior wall collapse due to the exterior wall and floor being one piece?Type IIIThe components of an SCBA are face piece, backplate, air cylinder and?regulatorWhich type of construction is most resistant to fire?Type IWhat is the safest spot for firefighters to operate in ground fires?blackA ____ tells you whether or not there is smoke?Kerf cutWhat is the proper distance the Mic/Radio should be from a firefighter when sending a radio transmission?1-2 inchesOrdinary combustible are what type of fire?Class ANFPA 1971 specifies fire gloves should be resistant to punctures and?liquid absorptionWhat section of the ladder is extended?FlyAt what type of rescue would a tripod and winch system be used?confined space_____ uses onboard air compressor which adds air to the mix before it is discharged from the pump?CAFSSynthetic foam concentrate is known as what?AFFFGround Fault Circuit Interpreter (GFCI) is used to?Protect against electrical shockJunction boxes contain what?GFCISalvage covers are made from what?Heavy duty plasticFirefighters shouldn't plug into an outlet that doesn't have?GFCIFirst step of extrication?size upWhat does Class B foam do?Separates and CoolsWhat type of Class B foam would you use on a car fire?AFFFWhat type of valve is on the large pump discharge?Gate valveWhat valve is in a gated wye?ball valveWhat type of valve is on the intake of large pump?Butterfly valveWhat two types of building construction would you have wood running from bottom to top?Balloon frameWhen you have oxygen, fuel and heat what reaction is created?combustionWhat prevents the ladder from over extending?stopsWhat hose roll do you have access to both couplings and quick deployment?Twin donut rollNFPA for communications?NFPA 1221What type of load do you start at the edge and go along the outside?horseshoeWhich sprinkler head has a plunger?Chemical pelletWhat type of FDC connection can be utilized by both firefighters and civilians?Class 2Which company is charged with forcible entry?Truck companyCirculation of hot gases and fluids?convectionWho takes command in a fire scene?First arriving firefighterWhat level of government does NFIRS cover?local, state, nationalWhich hydrant has a valve a few feet beneath the ground?Dry barrelHow do you properly dry a rope?air dryWhat tool is used to open a double swinging door with a panic bar?J toolWhich one is water soluble?polar solventHow do you approach a car fire?45 degree from the sideIn a two door car, what would be the back post?B postA fire consuming all the fuel in a room is?fully developedWhen you introduce oxygen into an oxygen depleted room?BackdraftIf the SCBA as valve is facing towards you use the ____ to don?Coat methodWhat prevents the ladder from sliding?Butt spursWhat are the channels or slots on the beams of a ladder?guidesWhat is the proper angle to climb a ladder?75 degreesProper maintenance for a wooden tool or wooden handle is to use?linseed oilWhere is the air compressed when using the CAFS system in foam operations?Tank to pumpClass B foam is used to extinguish flame as well as?Suppress the vaporsAt a scene with multiple outlets, what is needed?GFCIAs an exterior ventilation crew, what is vital information to know?Interior Crew informationWhat is R in LUNAR?Resources neededIf you handle evidence, then you?Become part of the chain of custodyHeavy timber is what class of building construction?Class IVFire alarm the uses visual?photoelectric smoke detectorsWindows the can be opened up or down?Double-hungWhen do you pass out the brochure during a fire station tour?End of tourWhat is a voluntary home survey called?Fire safety surveyWhat are the side windows of a car made of?tempered glassWhat part of a kernmantle roper extends the entire length of the rope without any knots?Kern-mantle RopeSynthetic materials that personal protective structural firefighting hoods are made of?Nomex/PBIWhat has a risk of crumbling due to the wall in front of it heating?Veneered MasonryWho is ultimately responsible for the operations of the department?Fire ChiefWhat is the low pressure cylinder made of?aluminum and steelWhat is the report called of the incident report to and the people that responded?Post incident analysisWhat information should a firefighter retrieve from a caller?Number and location of victimsTo prevent irritation after responding to an incident you should?decontaminateWhat class of extinguishers are used for metal?Class DWhat kind of evidence is it when on of the 5 physical senses is used to obtain it?directWhich of the following is physical evidence?Explosion DebrisWhat does "X" on the door mean?Search had been conductedWhat does "/" on the door mean?Search is being conducted