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"Political debates over what America is supposed to mean have taken on the character of theological disputation. This is what religion without religion looks like."
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"Secularist resentment is grist for the hateful preacher's mill, and it pushes religious moderates into the arms of their extremist brethren. Itfurther polarizes a political community in which polarization is a primary impediment to democratic action on behalf of the poor and the oppressed. If the most important threat to democracy in our time is not theocracy but plutocracy—not rule by God's self-anointed representatives on earth, butrule by the economically lucky—then non-believers won't be able to combat that threat without help from religious moderates."
"While liberals often say that religious freedom is a cardinal virtue of liberalism, it is hard to see that in much of today's liberalism. The kind of religion that liberals are comfortable with—the liberal religions—are precisely those religions that have the hardest time holding on to their members. To make the idea of religious freedom a real one, and to retain its promise to diversity, liberalism has to better accommodate conservative and moderate religions."
"So we secularists have come to think that the best society would be one in which political action conducted in the name of religious belief is a ladder up which our ancestors climbed, but one that now should thrown away. We grant that ecclesiastical organizations have sometimes been on the right side, but we think that the occasional Gustavo Gutierrez or Martin Luther King does not compensate for the ubiquitous Joseph Ratzingers and Jerry Falwells. History suggests to us that such organizations will always, on balance, do more harm than good....[Wolterstorff] has convinced me that he is right to insist that both law and custom should leave him free to say, in the public square, that his endorsement of redistributionist social legislation is a result of his belief that God, in such passages as Psalm 72, has commanded that the cause of the poor should be defended...Religious people who claim a right to express their homophobia in public because it is a result of their religious convictions should, I think, be ashamed of themselves and should be made to feel ashamed....People who quote Leviticus 18:22 with approval should be shunned and despised....This amounts to saying that I see liberal Protestantism as the form of Christian religious life most congenial to a liberal democracy."
"Wherever theocracy catches on, even among a sizable minority, democracy is in trouble. Sooner or later, theocracy disintegrates into conflict over who God's earthly representatives really are. Each band of theocrats takes itself be God's elect, claims for itself the right to hold earthly power over others, and declares its opponents deluded by sin...But not all religious people are theocrats." (Jeffrey Stout)Jeffrey Stout"You can get a large audience together for a strip-tease act—that is, to watch a girl undress on stage: now suppose you came to a country where you could fill a theatre by simply bringing a covered plate on to the stage and then slowly lifting the cover so as to let every one see, just before the lights went out, that it contained a mutton chop or a bit of bacon, wouldn't you think that in the country something had gone wrong with the appetite for food?"CS Lewis"There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."Galatians 3:28"Our society may be more sexually liberated than ever before, but many men and women aren't as happy with the new status quo as the broader culture would have you believe...Rather than expanding our happiness, liberation seems to have shrunk it...Equality between women and men now looks like equal opportunity for women to be equal to the worst sort of man—cavalier about sex and disdainful of real feeling"Christine EmbaTherefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the degrading of their bodies among themselves, because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator...Their women exchanged natural intercourse for unnatural, and in the same way also the men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men and received in their own persons the due penalty for their own error.Romans 1"Same-sex love annoyingly poses the question of what the meaning of desire is in itself...sexuality beyond biological reproduction is the one foremost in the biblical use of sexual metaphors of God's relation to humanity."Archbishop Rowan WilliamsCivil religion "fuses secular and sacred history and combines Christian themes of deliverance and salvation with political ideals of democracy, freedom, and equality"Cornel West"No idea is more fundamental to Americans' sense of themselves as individuals and as a nation than freedom"Eric Foner"In the quiet recesses of my heart, I am fundamentally a clergyman, a Baptist preacher"MLK"Some extreme Negro leaders are going too far and too fast. Only the supernatural love of God through changed men can solve this burning question."Billy Graham"Tragically, too often in the past evangelical Christians have turned a blind eye to racism or have been willing to stand aside while others take the lead in racial reconciliation, saying it was not our responsibility. (I admit I share in that blame)."Billy Graham"We too know Jesus...We have had an experience with him, and we believe firmly in the revelation of God in Jesus Christ. [But] I can see no conflict between our devotion to Jesus Christ and our present action. In fact I see a necessary relationship. If one is truly devoted to the religion of Jesus he will seek to rid the world of social evils."MLK"I think we are stuck in our image of King at the 1963 March on Washington," he says. "The 'I Have a Dream' King was a kinder, gentler King. There was a more complicated man that evolved after that point who was very frustrated with what he saw with the limited progress of blacks. In his latter days, King was not just protesting for blacks to eat at the lunch counter, but for blacks to have employment at the lunch counter and to own it."Albert G Miller"King's liberalism was always subservient to his embeddedness in the black church and the memory of his people that that church embodies. King could confidently appeal to liberal sentiments because he was a black Baptist preacher who would never be a liberal."Stanley Hauerwas"Because God has made the goal of blacks God's own goal, black theology believes that is not only appropriate but necessary to begin the doctrine of God with an insistence on God's blackness"James Cone"It is not just that God cares about the poor or God cares about blacks...God identifies with the poor and God identifies with blacks...such that "those who want to know who God is and what God is doing must know who black persons are and what they are doing...We must become black with God!"James Cone"Just as the commandment "thou shalt not kill' sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life, today we also have to say 'thou shalt not' to an economy of exclusion and inequality."Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis (2013)"The nature of Christian ethics is determined by the fact that Christian convictions take the form of a story, or perhaps better, a set of stories that constitute a tradition, which in turn creates and forms a community. Christian ethics does not begin by emphasizing rules or principles, but by calling our attention to a narrative that tells of God's dealing with creation. To be sure, it is a complex story with many different subplots and digressions, but it is see that is not accidentally a narrative."Stanley Hauerwas"The Decalogue is part of the covenant of God with Israel. Divorced from that covenant it makes no sense. God does indeed command obedience, but God is the God who "brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage."Stanley Hauerwas"The overriding conflict of our time is the same as that from the beginning for it is the conflict between those that would remain loyal to God's kingdom and those that would side with the world. And the world is exactly those people and institutions claiming that Christians too must be willing to choose sides and kill in order to preserve the social orders in which they find themselves. As Christians when we accept that alternative it surely means that we are no longer the church that witnesses to God's sovereignty over all nations, but instead we have become part of the world"Stanley HauerwasThe moral life is not "a program to be achieved" but a "mode of being to be lived"Stanley Hauerwas"Theologians are people who speak about God...Perhaps only in a few vague sentences shortly before the Amen; perhaps only as if they were saying: Please excuse me if I briefly say something about the main thing; perhaps in a mystical or orthodox-mythological veiling so that people cannot tell whether they really mean God when they say "God"...Either way, however, they dare to speak about God."Karl Barth"I have left the rights and privileges of the clergy but I have not ceased to be a priest...I have stopped saying Mass in order to bring about love for neighbor in the temporal sphere, economic and social. When my neighbor has nothing against me, when I have brought about the Revolution, I will offer Mass again if God permits."Camilo Torresaction, practice, activity (usually emphasizing the reciprocal effects of action upon thought and thought upon action in the process of transforming society)Praxis"The work of Christ is presented simultaneously as a liberation from sin and from all its consequences: despoliation, injustice, hatred. This liberation fulfills in an unexpected way the promises of the prophets and creates a new chosen people, which this time includes all humanity."Gustavo Gutierrez"To know God is to work for justice. There is no other path to reach God"Gustavo Gutierrez