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Deoxyribonucleic acid gets its name from
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Which of the following is true regarding a gene's product?

Not all the parts of a gene are used to produce its product

Only introns are included in mature mRNA which will be "read" during translation to produce a polypeptide (protein)

Both introns and exons are included in mature mRNA which will be "read" during translation to produce a polypeptide (protein)
During normal cellular activity genes that are "active" (being frequently transcribed) are packaged aseuchromatinA diploid organism with 14 chromosomes has a diploid number of:28Which statement below regarding homologous chromosomes and sister chromatids is true?Homologous chromosomes are two versions of the same chromosome. They have the same genes but can have different alleles. Sister chromatids are identical copies of each other and are only present after S-phase.Is this cell haploid or diploid? what is its haploid number? what is its diploid number?diploid/ 2 / 4If you were asked to determine if a set of chromosomes were homologous or sister chromatids and you were told that the genes on the two were identical but they had different alleles what could you determine?These must be homologous chromosomes because sister chromatids are exact copies of each otherA strawberry's ploidy is: Wheat's ploidy is:8 / 6The humanhaploid # = 23; diploid # = 46Drosophilahaploid # = 4; diploid # = 8If the top strand of DNA is 5' ------ 3' the bottom strand will be3' ------ 5'If the antisense/template strand is 5' ----- 3' then the mRNA will be3' ----- 5'When are codons read?during translationThe DNA in the visualization of the central dogma of genetics is being transcribed, therefore it must be:euchromatinDuring initiation RNA polymerase binds to the ______________ within the _________________ that is _______________ of the translated regionconsensus sequence; promoter; upstreamThe section of DNA upstream (3') of the transcribed region where RNA polymerase binds is called thepromoterWhat is the DNA 3' (on the template/antisense strand) of the +1 site called?UpstreamTranscription producespre mRNAPre mRNA processing entailsboth adding and removing the sequencesIn RNA the growing chain is extended at the 3' carbon of the ribose sugar even though both the 3' and 2' have hydroxyl groups becauseRNA polymerase specificityWhich of the following is true regarding the capping enzymeIt breaks the bond between the second and third phosphates on the first nucleotide of the growing mRNA strand and breaks the bond between the first and second phosphates of the guanine nucleotide it adds to the 5' end of the growing strand.Which of the following is correct?the mRNA is currently in the nucleus and will go to the cytoplasmThe 5' cap is necessary for the start of transcription.False