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Created by Prof. Michael J H Clarke - Colégio Dante Alighieri - São Paulo - Brazil

New England had earthquakes.

The story begins at the time that


About what do Tom and his wife frequently argue?

a heart and liver.

When Tom opens the apron hanging from the tree, he finds

He must sell his soul to the devil.

What condition "which need not be mentioned" must Tom fulfill?


Tom goes into business as a

He always carries a small Bible with him.

In what way does Tom try to avoid completing his part of the bargain and cheat the Devil?


Tom is prompted to become a churchgoer chiefly by

The Devil claims Tom, and Tom's possessions become worthless.

The resolution, or final outcome, of the story occurs when

humorously satirical folktale.

The narrative style of the story can be described as a

Don't try to become wealthy.

What is not a major point of the story?

The celebration of beauty and mystery of nature.

What element of Romanticism can you not find in this story?

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