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which of the following are commonly used in medical offices as storage units for paper medical records
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why do you provide the patients name, contact information, age, gender, social security number, and insurance information to the scheduler at the hospital when scheduling an inpatient surgical procedureit ensures the hospital has the correct information for the admission???as with an outpatient surgical appointment it may be necessary to do this prior to scheduling an inpatient surgical procedureobtain prior authorization for the procedurewatch video ​watch videowhy did you have to give the patients diagnosis when scheduling an in patient surgical procedurethis provides medical necessitywhat additional information would you give to a patient scheduled for an inpatient surgical procedure that would not be given to a patient schedule for an outpatient procedurelength of hospital stayif you as the front office medical assistant are unable to answer the patients question about a surgical procedure what should you doask a clinical staff member to answer his questionyou instructed the patient to arrive at the hospital 15 to 20 minutes before he is scheduled why?he may need to complete readmission paperworkwhat is the number one patient issue to hopefully be decreased by the EHR programsillegible handwritingpatient electronic health information created in a format meeting interoperability standards is defined as being in a(n) ________ formatEHRan individukes lifelong health record is a(n)PHRmany EHR programs use the term ______ for a correction made to an electronic health recordaddendumwhich of the following functions of the EHR program will be most helpful to the administration when reviewing the financial health of the practicereport generatorwhich of the functions of the EHR program would be most helpful to the staff who schedules appointments for patients with specialistsinsurance verificationwhich item below maintains each user's ability to work in certain areas of a patients electronic health recordaccess codswhich of the following will not reassure patients about the privacy and security of the office EHR systemsharing computer frustrations with the patientwhat is the ultimate goal of EHR implementation and meaningful usebetter patient carepart of the meaningful use is to empower patients and families. how is that to happen?patients should be given reading material and providers should make sure patients understand all of their optionslisted below are four types of appointment reminders. match the description of the appointment reminder with the correct name.4)appointment card-guven to patients before they leave 2)reminder email-postcard sent to the patient 3)reminder well-done 1 or 2 days before the patients appt 1)recall-reminder for the patient to call for apptsusing the terminal digit filing system put the following numbers in the correct order from low to high1) 686-49 2) 932-49 3) 104-53 4)243-53 5)244-53 6)244-65 7)126-67 8)127-68 9)137-68 10)142-92listed below are several steps in the process of document filing. match the step of filing with its proper definition1)sorting- files are put in groups in which they will be stored 2)storing- documents are filed in the correct order and in the correct file 3)coding- an identifying mark or phrase is placed ona document 4)inspecting-the physician has authorized the document to be put into the patients folder 5)indexing- system for storing documents whether alphabeticallyliste below are several types of scheduling systems. match the correct description of the scheduling system to its correct name1)modified wave- patients are scheduled during the first half hour 2)cluster- similar appointments are clustered together 3) advanced scheduling- patients are scheduled weeks or months even the year prior 4) open hours- first come first serve basis 5)wave-several patients are scheduled for the beginning of the hour 6)time specified- steady stream of patients 7) double booking- two or more patients are given the same appointment timematch the following special types of appointments with the best choice of scheduling time2)emergencies- immediately 9)referrals- as soon as possible 1) fasting patients- early morning 6)repeat visits- at the same time and same day 5) late patients- and of the day 8) walk ins non emergent- request that the patient call for an appointment 7) cancellations- reschedule when convenient for the patient 3) missed appointments- reschedule when convenient for the patient and physician 4) wrong day appointments- reschedule or try to work into the days schedulelisted below are some statements concerning scheduling. identify whether the action is a proper or an improper scheduling practice from the choices in the dropdown box1. proper 2. improper 3.proper 4.proper 5.improper 6.proper 7.proper 8.proper 9.improper 10.properalthough the medical record itself is the property of the medical practice the information in the recordbelongs to the patient and must be kept confodentialif the patient is not available to sign a release of information what may you do to release medical recordswait until the patient is available to sign a release of information formonce a signed release is obtained you may copy and releaseonly those items of the record covered by the release of informationwatch videowatch videoit is important that you follow HIPPA guidelines when releasing a patients protected health information and do so without violatingconfidentiality regulationsin addition to the recipient and patient information what other information should be on the release of information formthe reason for the requestmr.abrams decided he did not want the practice to release his information to another medical facility. what must he dowithdraw permission in writing