1960s Set 5 The Vietnam War (Test 9)

Q: Which of the following BEST explains the rationale for America's involvement in the war in Vietnam?

A: a) a policy of containment b) commitment to the Monroe Doctrine c) Allegiance to the North-Atlantic treaty Organization d) a United Nations resolution
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Q: Which of the following is the MOST significant similarity between the Korean War and the Vietnam War?

A: a) Both conflicts led to widespread protest against them in the US b) Both conflicts sought to restrict the spread of Communism c) Both conflicts were an attempt to enforce a United Nations Resolution d) Chinese troops were involved in both conflicts.
Q: The "wars of liberation" mentioned in the excerpt most directly resulted from which of the following?

A: a) The desire of Asian nations to establish capitalist economies b) A desire to break free from imperialistic control c) An effort to put an end to nationalist independence movements. d) An effort to combat the rise of communist regimes
Q: Which of the following was the MOST immediate consequence of the activity shown in the illustration above?

A: a) The United States focused on a foreign policy based on collective security in Europe following World War II b) The United States tried to contain the spread of Soviet-dominated communism during the Cold War. c) The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed to deter Soviet communist aggression in the post-World War II era. d) The U.S. increased support of non-communist regimes in Latin America