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Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, and Zebulon Pike


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Who crossed the Appalachian Mountains, through the Cumberland Gap to Kentucky?
Daniel Boone
What trails did Daniel Boone expand into pioneer trails?
Native American Trails
What was Daniel Boone's purpose for exploring?
He wanted to find more open land for settlement
What were some of Daniel Boone's accomplishments?
He created the Wilderness Trail which later became the first national road. He also established the first US settlement west of the Appalachian.
What was the impact of Daniel Boone's exploration on the US?
The US purchased much of the land in Kentucky that was taken from the Cherokee.
Where did Lewis and Clark explore?
They explored from the Northeastern part of North America to the northwestern part through Louisiana Territory and Oregon Territory.
What was the purpose of the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
Thomas Jefferson commissioned the expedition b/c of secret negotiations for the purchase of land from France. They were also looking for a continuous water route (Northwest Passage), (which is now know not to exist).
What was the impact of the Lewis and Clark expedition on the US?
They mapped the area across the continent to the Pacific Ocean, they established claim to the Oregon Territory, and they brought back information on Native Americans, plants, animals.
What were some of Lewis and Clark's accomplishments?
They documented land that was soon included in the Louisiana Purchase and established claims to the Pacific Northwest. They also established peaceful relations with the Native Americans, especially their guide, Sacajawea.
Where did Zebulon Pike explore?
explored upper regions of the Mississippi River. He mapped and claimed lands in unchartered territories that stretched to the Pacific Ocean and up to the Oregon Country.
Why did Zebulon Pike explore?
He enjoyed exploring and wanted to claim lands for America.
What is one of Zebulon Pike's accomplishments?
Pike's Peak ( in Colorado) is named in his honor
What impact did Pike have on the US?
Mapped and Claimed lands for America.