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Mr Chapman East Freshman - Reaction to the Enlightenment Latin American Wars for Ind

person from Spain who held a position of power in a Spainish colony
people of European descent born in Latin America
a person of mixed Native American and European ancestry
a person of mixed African and European ancestry
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Haitian patriot and leader of the Haitian Revolution, slave rebellion.
Father Hidalgo
helped start the Mexican Revolution with his Grito de Delores
Simon Bolivar
South American revolutionary leader who defeated the Spanish in 1819,
Latin American Revolution effects
end to colonial rule, end to slavery in Latin America, 18 separate republics set up
Latin American Revolution causes
resentment to colonial rule and social structure, invasion of Spain by Napoleon, growth of nationalism, spread of Enlightenment, American and French Revolutions