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Cognitive:Thinking, Intelligence


represents a class or category of objects,events or activities.

Superordinate Concept

most general form of a type of concept. "fruit"

Basic level type

type of concept around which other similar concepts are organized. "pear"


mental activity goes on in brain when organizing and attempting to understand info and communicating info. to others.

Subordinate concept

most specific category of a concept."pear in hand"

Formed concepts

defined by specific rules or features.

Natural concepts

form as a result of their experiences


concept that closely matches the defining charactersitics of a concept.

Problem solving

ability to solve problems

Trial and error

one possible solution after another is tried until a succesful one is found


specific, step by step procedures for solving certain types of problems.


ruling out what won't work.

Mean-end analysis

start there how do i get here.


affective solution to a problem.

Convergent Thinking

problem seen as having only one answer, all lines of thinking will eventually lead to that single answer. using previous knowledge.

Divergent thinking

start with one point come up with ideas based on that one point.

G factor

general intelligence

S factor

excell in certain areas

Functional Fixedness

block to problem solving. Thinking about objects in terms of only their typical functions.

Mental set

solution stopped working keep trying.

Confirmation Bias

search for evidence that fits one's beliefs while ignoring any evidence that does not fit those beliefs.


potential for learning.

Triarchic theory of intelligence

analytical, creative, and practical. (Sternberg's)

Analytical Intelligence

break down in parts to analize and solve.

creative intelligence

deal with new and different concepts, come up with new ways of solving problems.

Practical Intelligence

street smarts


giving test, large group of people that reps. kind of people for whom test is designed.


test measures what it is supposed to measure.


test to produce same scores again and again each time it is given to the same people.

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