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Endangered , What is the capital of the Congo?
Kinshasa, pg. 1
Endangered , What color does concrete turn when it rots?
Green and Black, pg. 1
Endangered , How many people are in Kinshasa?
Ten million people, pg. 1
Endangered , How old was Sophie when she went to live with her dad in America?
8, pg. 1
Endangered , What is the capital of Congo?
Kinshasa, pg. 1
Endangered , What language did the street peddler speak to Sophie with?
Lingala, pg. 3
Endangered , What languages did Sophie speak with her parents?
French and English, pg. 3
Endangered , What language do the educated Congolese speak?
French, pg. 3
Endangered , What language do the common people in the Congo speak?
Lingala, pg. 3
Endangered , How much did the street peddler want for the Bonobos?
100 dollars, pg. 5
Endangered , What was the only nice thing anyone said to Sophie in her early American days?
Her notebooks were cool, pg. 5
Endangered , What did Sophie's notebooks have stenciled on the front?
a big green elephant, pg. 5
Endangered , How old is Sophie at the beginning of the novel?
14, pg. 5
Endangered , What did Sophie promise the bonobos?
That nobody would hurt them, pg. 8
Endangered , Where was the sanctuary located?
on the former campus of a state school that had closed after it got shot up during one of Congo's wars, pg. 9
Endangered , What was the veterinarian's name?
Patrice, pg. 10
Endangered , What was the superstition that went along with bonobo fingers?
Soup with a bonobo finger in it is supposed to make a pregnant woman give birth to a strong baby. Putting another finger in the bat water keeps the baby strong., pg. 14
Endangered , Why does Sophie's mom says that you have to learn to ignore suffering?
so that you're strong enough to fight it when the time is right, pg. 16
Endangered , How often is Sophie instructed to feed the bonobo milk when she first brings him to the sanctuary?
every 2 hours, pg. 16
Endangered , What did Sophie's dad give her for her 14th birthday?
A silver chain, pg. 17
Endangered , Why does Sophie's dad say that eight is an appropriate name for the Bonobos?
because of his fingers, pg. 19
Endangered , What did Sophie and her dad name the Bonobo?
Otto, pg. 19
Endangered , How much of our DNA did Bonobos share?
over 98.7%, pg. 20
Endangered , What were the three parts of the sanctuary?
Main structure, 30 acre electrified enclosure for adult bonobos, and a nursery for orphans, pg. 22
Endangered , How long do baby bonobos spend attached to their mothers?
Five years, pg. 23
Endangered , All the mamas liked to tease Sophie except for which one?
Brunelle, pg. 23
Endangered , What are guava a local cure for?
diarrhea, pg. 25
Endangered , Which bonobo is the queen of the enclosure?
Anastasia, pg. 26
Endangered , Who is Songololo's mother?
Anastasia, pg. 26
Endangered , Who is Songololo?
Anastasia's daughter, pg. 26
Endangered , What does Sophie finally get Otto to drink?
Flat orange soda, pg. 27
Endangered , The Lingala word lobi is what in English?
yesterday and tomorrow, pg. 28
Endangered , What did the old joke say that Congolese used before candles were invented?
Light bulbs, pg. 28
Endangered , Sophie thinks that anything that happened to the rest of the world between what decades never made it to the Congo?
1950s to 1990s, pg. 28
Endangered , What Lingala word means 'yesterday' and 'tomorrow'?
lobi, pg. 28
Endangered , Why was Sophie's 8th birthday party cancelled?
le pillage, pg. 29
Endangered , How many people were killed on average everyday in the Congo since 1998?
1200, pg. 29
Endangered , What happened to Otto's first blood sample?
The lab ruined it, pg. 30
Endangered , What are they waiting on before Otto can be introduced to the other bonobos?
results of a blood test, pg. 30
Endangered , What game did Sophie and Otto play?
Scrabble, pg. 31
Endangered , How many points would Otto get if he didn't chew any letters in their Scrabble game?
20, pg. 32
Endangered , What was the chef's name?
Emile, pg. 32
Endangered , What did the chef make especially for Sophie?
barbecue manioc, tilapia-in-a-blanket, and goat cheesesteak, pg. 32
Endangered , How much did the trafficker want for the 2 Bonobos?
$125 , pg. 35
Endangered , What is the only way that people can get a young bonobo from its family?
Killing its family, pg. 38
Endangered , What foods were Otto's favorites?
Sugarcane & peanuts, pg. 40
Endangered , What had Sophie's dad realized in their fights over moving to America?
Family would always come second to her mom., pg. 43
Endangered , Why did the mamas make fun of Sophie?
for having an Ape Husband, pg. 49
Endangered , After Otto was healthy, what age did Patrice think Otto was?
closer to three and a half or four, pg. 49
Endangered , What was a white person called in the Congo?
mundele, pg. 51
Endangered , What was wrong with Pweto?
He was missing an ear, there was a hole in one cheek and one arm had a hunk missing and dangled uselessly, pg. 53
Endangered , What does Kata-Kata mean in Lingala?
cut-cut- refer to anyone you don't want to meet, pg. 53
Endangered , What do the mamas call the bonobos females that are in charge?
The Pink Ladies, pg. 54
Endangered , What is the name of the bonobo that Otto likes to watch through the fence?
Pweto, pg. 54
Endangered , Why did Pweto have to stay by himself?
The Pink Ladies would try to attack him for accidentally killing the baby bonobos, pg. 55
Endangered , What was the mother of the baby that died?
Banalia, pg. 55
Endangered , What news did they hear through the radio?
The president had been shot and killed, pg. 56
Endangered , What language does the UN radio station broadcast in?
Belgian French, pg. 57
Endangered , Who had killed the president?
Hutus, pg. 59
Endangered , Why were some weapons called "white weapons?"
they killed without noise, pg. 59
Endangered , What time would the plane lift off to take citizens of the USA or EU countries out of Kinshasa?
20:00, pg. 59
Endangered , As war breaks out, who will come to get Sophie?
the UN, pg. 59
Endangered , What is Sophie's full name?
Sophie Biyoya-Ciardulli, pg. 62
Endangered , Where does Sophie go when she's running from the UN driver?
into the bonobo sanctuary, pg. 66
Endangered , What does Sophie do so she can see if the UN van is gone?
climbs a tree, pg. 70
Endangered , What was one of the earliest memories of Sophie's life?
begging her mom not to leave her alone at the Catholic School that her dad insisted she attend and then finding out her mom had stayed all day to make sure she was okay, pg. 75
Endangered , What sign of friendship does bonobo show Sophie in the enclosure?
he grooms her, pg. 76
Endangered , What is the Bonobo sign of friendship?
Grooming, pg. 76
Endangered , On Friday nights, where would Sophie and her parents go?
the Centre Culturel Belge, pg. 82
Endangered , What would the waitress bring Sophie?
club sodas, pg. 82
Endangered , what food did Sophie pack in her duffle for the trip?
granola bars, pg. 83
Endangered , How many soldiers were at the nursery and where were they placed?
2 in the nursery, 2 by the shed and 4 on the main steps, pg. 84
Endangered , How many bodies could Sophie see?
1 in the nursery, 7 by the shed and 2 on the main steps, pg. 84
Endangered , How many rebel kata-kata were in the nursery when Sophie wants her bag?
2, pg. 84
Endangered , What does Sophie take with her when she finds Brunelle's body?
her pagne and Songololo, pg. 87
Endangered , What does Sophie use to close the gate after the electricity comes back on?
her duffle bag, pg. 89
Endangered , Who did Sophie protect Otto from when he was wrestling with Songololo?
Anastasia, pg. 93
Endangered , What did Sophie find that helped her fight back against Anastasia?
A metal stake, pg. 93
Endangered , What was still left in Mama Brunelle's bag?
Lipstick and a pen wedged into a spiral notebook, pg. 96
Endangered , What was inside Mama Brunelle's notebook?
Pages of notes and photos of the bonobos, pg. 96
Endangered , What was the name of the teenage male bonobos?
Mushie, pg. 96
Endangered , What was the name of the nervous and nearly bald female?
Banalia, pg. 96
Endangered , What was the name of the old bonobo that did a terrible job opening nuts and occasionally bumped into things?
Ikwa, pg. 96
Endangered , Which bonobos was the first one Sophie's mom ever met?
Anastasia, pg. 96
Endangered , What season was August?
Dry, pg. 99
Endangered , What did the bonobos do in the rain?
Found a tree and climbed, pg. 99
Endangered , Which bonobos made a sturdy nest for Sophie?
Mushie, pg. 100
Endangered , How many branches did Mushie use to make Sophie's nest?
8, pg. 100
Endangered , Which Bonobo makes a nest for Sophie and Otto?
Mushie, pg. 100
Endangered , Who made Sophie fall out of her nest?
Anastasia, pg. 103
Endangered , Scientists conducted an experiment in which baby monkeys would reject a wire mother figure with food and choose what instead?
cloth mother figure, pg. 104
Endangered , What does Banyama, banyama, pesa biso, nyama, nyama mean in Lingala?
Animals , give us meat, pg. 107
Endangered , How is the fence to the enclosure powered?
Solar power, pg. 108
Endangered , What began to drop from the trees during their second week in the enclosure?
giant green gourds, pg. 109
Endangered , What type of food do Ikwa and Sophie cut open with rock-knives?
breadfruit, pg. 109
Endangered , On what side of the Congo do Chimpanzees and gorillas live?
North, pg. 109
Endangered , Who had a crush on Anastasia?
Mushie, pg. 110
Endangered , Which bonobo does Mushie have a crush on?
Anastasia, pg. 110
Endangered , What happened when Mushie rolled into the fence?
Nothing - the fence was off, pg. 111
Endangered , Why is Sophie forced out of the enclosure?
the electric fence is off, pg. 115
Endangered , How will the kata-kata know the fence is off?
no humming noise, pg. 115
Endangered , Which bonobos were shot after leaving the enclosure?
Banalia, pg. 120
Endangered , What happens to Banalia when they leave the enclosure?
she gets shot, pg. 120
Endangered , What is the name of the Bonobo that the soldiers shoot when Sophie is trying to escape?
Banalia, pg. 120
Endangered , Who protects them from the hunter who tries to shoot them?
Pweto, pg. 126
Endangered , What happens after Pweto scares off the hunter?
Anastasia chases him away, pg. 126
Endangered , How much does Sophie guess Songololo weighs?
40 lbs., pg. 130
Endangered , What does Sophie give the Bonobos to keep them from following her?
Sleeping pills, pg. 131
Endangered , Sophie finds two people living in a hut near a manioc field. Who were they?
An old woman and a little boy, pg. 132
Endangered , As they leave the sanctuary, where are Sophie and the bonobos headed?
Kinshasa, pg. 132
Endangered , What road did Sophie and Otto walk down which is the same road where she found Otto?
N-I Capital Road, pg. 134
Endangered , Why did the soldiers wear fancy clothing from the women they killed?
They believed it made them fearsome and magical, pg. 135
Endangered , What was on the sign that Sophie decided to pass, but the soldier would not?
S-I-D-A (French for AIDS), pg. 136
Endangered , Why had they painted AIDS on the sign?
It was the only way to keep the combatants away, pg. 137
Endangered , What is the phrase that means word on the street?
radio trattoir or sidewalk radio, pg. 137
Endangered , How long did Otto and Sophie stay at the AIDS clinic/ school?
4 days, pg. 137
Endangered , Where does the man say is the worst region?
near the capital, pg. 139
Endangered , Where does he say would be safer than in the middle of the revolution?
Any undeveloped region, pg. 139
Endangered , How long did Sophie stay at the boarding school?
Four days, pg. 140
Endangered , How much gas was left in the tank?
Probably a third of a tank, pg. 142
Endangered , What does the school teacher give Sophie as she is leaving?
A bike with a motor attached, pg. 142
Endangered , Who did Sophie find when the trail joined up with an abandoned railway and began to parallel the airport road?
A lot of people - women, children and the occasional man with their best clothes on heading towards the airport, pg. 145
Endangered , Who protected Sophie and Otto from the boys and men in the crowd?
The women and girls, pg. 147
Endangered , Where does the woman tell Sophie she can go to get away?
The UN guard, pg. 148
Endangered , The man at the UN gate tells Sophie no one can help her until who gets there?
the Refugee Commission, pg. 150
Endangered , What does Hector tell Sophie is the only reason they are alive at the UN station?
RPGs, pg. 152
Endangered , What is the name of the man in the UN office that Sophie is taken to by the refugees?
Hector Carrizo, pg. 152
Endangered , Hector tells Sophie that as soon as they establish contact with which city, they will get a word to her mother?
Mbandaka, pg. 155
Endangered , What does Hector tell Sophie this war is about?
Access to the mines, pg. 157
Endangered , What is Rwanda the biggest exporter of?
diamonds, cotton and gold, pg. 157
Endangered , What color was the rope around the Bonobo that the UN released?
green, pg. 160
Endangered , What had happened to the two bonobos that Hector had let out the back of the UN office?
They died clutching each other, pg. 161
Endangered , Why does Sophie take the iodine from the UN office?
To purify water, pg. 162
Endangered , What city does Sophie plan on skirting after leaving the UN encampment?
Mbandaka, pg. 163
Endangered , What did Sophie find stuck to her leg that she thought was a leaf?
A leech, pg. 165
Endangered , What could happen if you had a leech in your throat?
It could cause suffocation, pg. 166
Endangered , What is the second longest river in the world?
The Congo, pg. 167
Endangered , What song was the man singing that Sophie decided to call out to?
Ue'le' Moliba Makasi, pg. 168
Endangered , What is the fisherman's destination
Lulonga, pg. 169
Endangered , How much does Sophie offer to pay the fisherman for taking her past Mbandaka?
$50 , pg. 169
Endangered , What does she give the man as a sign of good faith?
The silver necklace from her dad, pg. 170
Endangered , What was the old man's name that gave Sophie a ride in the pirogue?
Wello, pg. 171
Endangered , Where can Sophie stroke Otto while he is sleeping without waking him?
His belly, pg. 172
Endangered , What was inside the UN ration packet?
tea bag, water purification tablets, sugar packets, tissues, bandages, a can of tuna fish, chili con carne, and a can marked biscuits, pg. 173
Endangered , What was in the package marked biscuits?
cookies, pg. 173
Endangered , What did Wello get for his pirogue full of fish in Kinshasa?
3 bags of salt and a hunk of soap, pg. 176
Endangered , what did he trade for food?
the soap, pg. 176
Endangered , What did Sophie and Wello eat every morning for breakfast?
cassava bread and fish wrapped in banana leaves, pg. 176
Endangered , How long did Sophie spend in the canoe with Wello?
nearly 2 weeks, pg. 181
Endangered , Outside what city does Wello drop Sophie and Otto off?
Mbandaka, pg. 181
Endangered , Who did Sophie and Otto come across in an area of abandoned buildings?
2 teenage girls with guns, pg. 183
Endangered , What did Sophie call these girls because of their dull eyes and dry lips?
bapfuye buhagazi (walking dead), pg. 183
Endangered , What does "bapfuye buhagazi" mean?
walking dead, pg. 183
Endangered , Where did the girls tell Sophie they took everyone who was able to work?
the gold mine in the east, pg. 184
Endangered , What is the name of the village closest to Sophie's mother?
lkwa, pg. 184
Endangered , What did Sophie and Otto eat that fell out of the trees due to the rain?
Caterpillars, pg. 186
Endangered , What do the soldiers give Otto?
beer, pg. 194
Endangered , Where was Bouain's captain from?
Bonobo, pg. 201
Endangered , What is the name of the boy that purchases Otto from the trappers?
Bouain, pg. 201
Endangered , What happened to Bouain after they killed his teacher and friends?
They tied him to a tree for hours, pg. 204
Endangered , Bouain calls Sophie what after she gets Otto to tie her shoes?
A touri (a foreigner witch), pg. 206
Endangered , When Sophie tells Bouain that she has magic, what does she call Otto?
her familiar, pg. 206
Endangered , What does Sophie tell Bouain that Otto means as a spirit name?
Demon Vengeance , pg. 207
Endangered , Sophie tells Bouain that the immortal hunter told her to meet him and that if Bouain helps him get free, what will happen?
He will be immune to bullets, pg. 207
Endangered , What did Sophie find out that the lumps along the river were?
Bodies a day or two old, pg. 214
Endangered , What did Sophie find for Otto to eat that Mama Marie-France gave for diarrhea?
guava leaves, pg. 217
Endangered , How much was Sophie's mom paying the villagers to take care of her?
two dollars a day, pg. 224
Endangered , How long were Sophie, her mom and Otto at the village?
A month, pg. 225
Endangered , Who was their first call from?
Dad, pg. 226
Endangered , Where did Sophie's dad tell them he was?
Kinshasa, pg. 226
Endangered , Who had been away negotiating for milk when the rebels attacked the sanctuary?
Mama Marie-France, pg. 228
Endangered , Which of the bonobos had made it back to the enclosure?
Pweto, pg. 229
Endangered , How much did Sophie send Wello?
Three times the payment she promised, pg. 230
Endangered , When Sophie, her mom and Clement went looking for the bonobos, where was the first place they happened upon?
The schoolhouse - it was empty, pg. 232
Endangered , Which of the bonobos was the first they found in the jungle?
Mushie, pg. 233
Endangered , How many bonobos did they find in the jungle and which ones?
Mushie, Songololo and a baby, pg. 234
Endangered , Which 2 bonobos are missing when they go back to the village to get them?
Anastasia and Ikwa, pg. 234
Endangered , Which Bonobo was second to come out of the tree line?
Songololo, pg. 234
Endangered , Who made a phone call to the sanctuary telling them about some bonobos needing help?
the assistant to Monsieur Ngambe, Social Minister, pg. 236
Endangered , Where did they find the bonobos?
They were living in the former president's winter palace and they do not want people to enter, pg. 236
Endangered , How many bonobos do they find living in the palace?
18, pg. 236
Endangered , What does Sophie still have on her shelves?
A sneaker, pg. 241
Endangered , What souvenir of her time in the war did Sophie keep?
her sneaker, pg. 241
Endangered , What did Sophie major in at college?
International politics and development, pg. 242
Endangered , What is Sophie's goal for her new organization?
to make Congo available to tourists - to arrange visits to her mom's sanctuary and other gorilla hot spots, pg. 242
Endangered , How many staff does Sophie's mom have?
One hundred plus the farmers, pg. 243
Endangered , After how many years are the movie theaters back in the Congo?
50, pg. 244
Endangered , What did Sophie name Anastasia's war orphan?
Congo, pg. 244
Endangered , When helping with a release on the island, Sophie takes a pirogue to find whom?
Otto, pg. 246
Endangered , Why does Sophie not give Otto a hug?
Humans aren't supposed to come into direct contact with released bonobos in order to keep them safe from those who might do them harm, pg. 246
Endangered , When Sophie's mom awakens her in the tent, who is outside?
Otto, a female bonobos and a baby, pg. 248
Endangered , What is the average monthly income in the Congo?
$12 , pg. 252
Endangered , What Country was The Democratic Republic of Congo formerly known as?
Zaire, pg. Note