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Art History IDS Aegean, Greek, Etruscan, Roman

Female Idol
Cycladic, 2500 BCE
Bronze Bull Head
Minoan, 1500 BCE
Palace at Knossos
Minoan, 1500 BCE
Bull-Jumping Fresco
Minoan, 1500 BCE
Funerary Mask
Mycenaean, 1500 BCE
Lion Gate of Mycenae
Mycenaean, 1250 BCE
Treasury of Atreus
Mycenaean, 1250 BCE
Herakles and Nessos from Olympia
Geometric, 750 BCE
Geometric Krater from Dipylon Cemetery
Geometric, 740 BCE
Mantiklos Apollo
Geometric, 700 BCE
Lady of Auxerre
Archaic, 625 BCE
Sounion Kouros
Archaic, 600 BCE
Metropolitan Kouros
Archaic, 600 BCE
Archaic, 560 BCE
Temple of Hera I, Paestum
Archaic, 550 BCE
Achilles + Ajax Playing a Dice Game
Exekias, Archaic, 540 BCE
Dionysos on a Sailboat
Exekias, Archaic, 540 BCE
Peplos Kore
Archaic, 530 BCE
Anavysos Kouros
Archaic, 525 BCE
Herakles Wrestling the Nemean Lion
Psiax, Archaic, 525 BCE
Three Revelers
Euthymides, Archaic, 610 BCE
Kritios Boy
Archaic, 480 BCE
Warrior from Riace
Archaic, 450 BCE
Zeus/Poseidon from Artemesion
Archaic, 450 BCE
Myron, Classical, 450 BCE
Polykleitos, Classical, 440 BCE
Iktinos + Kallikrates, Classical, 440 BCE
Warrior Taking Leave
Achilles Painter, Classical, 440 BCE
Classical, 420 BCE
Nike Adjusting Her Sandal
Classical, 410 BCE
Grave Stele of Hegeso
Classical, 400 BCE
Apollo Belvedere
Classical, 390 BCE
Hermes and the Infant Dionysos
Praxiteles, Late Classical, 340 BCE
Lysippos, Late Classical, 330 BCE
Battle of Issus
Philoxenos of Eretria, Late Classical, 310 BCE
Aphrodite of Knidos
Praxiteles, Late Classical, 300 BCE
Dying Gaul
Epigonos?, Hellenistic, 230 BCE
Gaul and His Wife
Epigonos?, Hellenistic, 225 BCE
Jockey of Artemesion
Hellenistic, 220 BCE
Nike of Samothrace
Hellenistic, 190 BCE
Altar of Zeus
Hellenistic, 175 BCE
Venus de Milo
Alexandros, Hellenistic, 150 BCE
Old Market Woman
Hellenistic, 125 BCE
Laocoon and his Sons
Athanadoros, Hagesandros, Polydoros of Rhodes, Hellenistic, 50 CE
Tomb of Hunting and Fishing
Etruscan, 530 BCE
Sarcophagus from Cerveteri
Etruscan, 520 BCE
Apulu from Veii
Etruscan, 510 BCE
Etruscan Temple
Etruscan, c.500 BCE
Capitoline Wolf
Etruscan, 500 BCE
Tomb of the Leopards
Etruscan, 480 BCE
Chimera of Arezzo
Etruscan, 350 BCE
FIcoroni Cista
Etruscan, 350 BCE
Aule Metele
Etruscan, 80 BCE
Temple of Portunus
Roman, 75 BCE
House of Neptune and Amphitrite
Roman, 75 BCE
Wall Paintings, Pompeii
Roman, 70 BCE
Head of an Old Man, from Osimo
Roman, 50 BCE
Villa of Livia
Roman, 30 BCE
Augustus of Prima Porta
Roman, 20 BCE
Pont-du-Gard, Nimes
Roman, 16 BCE
Ara Pacis Augustae
Roman, 10 BCE
Atrium of the House of the Vetti, Pompeii
Roman, 75 CE
Roman, 75 CE
Arch of Titus
Roman, 81 CE
Portrait of a Flavian Woman
Roman, 90 CE
Column of Trajan
Roman, 112 CE
Roman, 120 CE
Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius
Roman, 175 CE
Portrait of Caracalla
Roman, 215 CE
Portrait Bust of Trajan Decius
Roman, 250 CE
Portraits of the Four Tetrarchs
Roman, 305 CE
Arch of Constantine
Roman, 315 CE
Colossal Head of Constantine
Roman, 330 CE