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  1. Still lifes
  2. Verism
  3. Oculus
  4. Menorah
  5. Nave
  1. a
    Seven-branced lampholder from the temple of Jerusalem
  2. b A style in which artists concern themselves with capturing the exterior likeness of an object or person, usually by rendering its visible details in a finely executed, meticulous manner
  3. c
    In architecture, a circular opening
  4. d Large central area
  5. e
    Composite or inanimate objects

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  1. A method of giving the impression of recession by visual instinct, not by the use of an overall system or program
  2. An overground water system
  3. Large space with a pool or cistern for catching rainwater

  4. Rows of columns
  5. Circular panel

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  1. Bust
    A large semicircle or polygonal (and usually vaulted) niche protruding from the end wall of a building


  2. EmblemataIn a mosaic, the elaborate central motif on a floor, usually a self-contained unit done in a more refined manner, with smaller tesserae of both marble and semiprecious stones


  3. VeneerIn architecture, the exterior facing of a building, often in decorative arts, a thin exterior layer of finer material laid over the form


  4. Tuscan Order
    A variation of Doric characterized by a smooth-surfaced column shaft with a base, a plain architrave, and an undecorated frieze


  5. ApseA sculpture depicting a head, neck, and upper chest of a figure