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  1. Atrium
  2. Tondo
  3. Colonnades
  4. Aqueduct
  5. Menorah
  1. a Large space with a pool or cistern for catching rainwater
  2. b An overground water system
  3. c
    Seven-branced lampholder from the temple of Jerusalem
  4. d Circular panel
  5. e
    Rows of columns

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  1. A method of giving the impression of recession by visual instinct, not by the use of an overall system or program
  2. Large central area
  3. In architecture, the exterior facing of a building, often in decorative arts, a thin exterior layer of finer material laid over the form

  4. A recessed decorative panel that is used to reduce the weight of and to decorate ceilings or vaults

  5. Semicircle niches

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  1. Diptych
    A pair of panels attached with hinges


  2. Still lifes
    Rows of columns


  3. Roundels
    Circular reliefs


  4. ApseA sculpture depicting a head, neck, and upper chest of a figure


  5. Cartouches
    Circular reliefs