9 terms


Mt 13
Mystery parables of the Kingdom, which takes on a new form in the earth
Mt 16
Christ will build His Church; He will be crucified and later return in glory
Mt 22
Panorama about kingdom--marriage of the King's son; resurrection
Mt 24-25; Mk 13
Olivet Discourse: Israel in the Tribulation; Judgment of sheep and goats
Lk 1-2
Prophecies of Messiah and His forerunner fulfilled in Jesus and John the Baptist
Lk 17
Revelation in Glory and judgments before the millennium
Lk 19
Parable of the Pounds; warnings/encouragements regarding the future
Lk 21
Olivet Discourse: Judgments; Jerusalem's destruction also near (A.D. 70)
Lk 24
OT Messianic prophecies fulfilled in Jesus' death and resurrection