Scorebuilders Nerve Root Dermatomes and Myotomes

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C1 Dermatome
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C5 myotomesupraspinatus, infraspinatus, deltoid, bicepsC5 reflexesbiceps, brachioradialisC6 dermatomeanterior arm, radial side of hand to thumb and index fingerC6 myotomebiceps, supinator, wrist extensorsC6 reflexesbiceps, brachioradialisC6 paresthesiasthumb and index fingerC7 dermatomelateral arm and forearm to long, ring, and little fingersC7 myotometriceps, wrist flexorsC7 reflexesTricepsC7 paresthesiasIndex, long, and ring fingersC8 dermatomemedial arm and forearm to long, ring, and little fingersC8 myotomeulnar deviators, thumb extensors, finger flexorsC8 paresthesiaslittle finger alone or with two adjacent fingers- not ring or long fingers alone together (C7)T1 dermatomemedial side of forearm to base of little fingerT2 dermatomemedial side of upper arm to medial elbow, pectoral and mid scapular areasT3-T12 dermatomesT3-T6= upper thorax T5-T7= costal margin T8-T12= abdomen and lumbar regionL1 dermatomeback, over trochanter and groinL1 parasthesiasgroin; after holding posture, which causes painL2 dermatomeback, front of thigh to kneeL2 myotomepsoas, hip adductorsL2 paresthesiasoccasionally anterior thighL3 dermatomeback, upper buttock, anterior thigh and knee, medial lower legL3 myotomepsoas, quadricepsL3 reflexesknee jerk sluggish, PKB (prone knee bend) positive, pain on full SLRL3 paresthesiasmedial knee, anterior lower legL4 dermatomeMedial buttock, lateral thigh, medial leg, dorsum of foot, big toeL4 myotometibialis anterior, extensor hallicusL4 reflexSLR limited, neck flexion pain, weak or absent knee jerk, side flexion limitedL4 paresthesiasMedial aspect of calf and ankleL5 dermatomeButtock, posterior and lateral thigh, lateral aspect of leg, dorsum of foot, medial half of sole, first, second, and third toesL5 myotomeExtensor Hallucis, Peroneals, Gluteus Medius, Dorsiflexors, Hamstrings and plantar flexorsL5 reflexSLR limited one side, neck flexion painful, ankle decreased, crossed leg raising painL5 paresthesiaslateral aspect of leg, medial three toesS1 dermatomeLateral and plantar aspect of footS1 myotomehamstrings, gluteals, peroneals, plantar flexorsS1 reflexSLR limited, achilles reflex weak or absentS1 paresthesiaslateral two toes, lateral foot, lateral leg to knee, plantar aspect of footS2 dermatomeButtock, thigh, and posterior legS2 myotomehamstrings, gluteals, plantar flexorsS2 reflexSLR limited, achilles reflex weak or absentS2 paresthesiasLateral leg, knee and heelS3 dermatomegroin, posteromedial thigh to kneeS4 dermatomePerineum, genitals, lower sacrumS4 myotomebladder and rectumS4 paresthesiasSaddle area, genitals, anus, impotence, massive posterior herniation