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What essential information should you get from a client before you begin a project? (1.1)
Client's business, purpose, audience, and audience needs
What is intellectual property? (1.2)
A work that is the result of creativity
Which circumstances would you need to obtain permission before using an image?
1. If the image has a copyright notice.
2. If the image does not have a copyright notice.
3. If the image is marked as fair use.
4. If you purchase the image from a royalty-free website.
5. If you find the image with a regular web search.
6. If you created the image yourself.
1, 2, 5
What are the five phases of a design project? (1.3)
Planning and Analysis, Designing, Building, Testing, and Implementing and Publishing
Why is it important to update a client regularly throughout the design process? (1.4)
So that you know you're doing it to their specifications and making it correctly
What is the Gestalt principle of design? (2.1)
The sum is more important than smaller parts
When using the Rule of Thirds, where should the focal point of the image be aligned? (2.1)
Upon the intersections
Explain the concept of hierarchy. (2.1)
A principle used to guide the eye from the most important to least important, by using textures, sizes, color, or location
What is the purpose of the Color Guide panel in Illustrator? (2.2)
It helps you pick colors that compliment each other.
What are Harmony Rules? (2.2)
Rules that help you select colors that work well together, like complimentary, analogous, triad...
What is the difference between ppi and dpi? (2.2)
PPI: points per inch
DPI: dots per inch
DPI refers solely to the printer, while PPI affects both printing and display
What resolution is recommended for a printed graphic? Displayed? (2.2)
Display: 72 ppi
Printed: 300 ppi
Wrap text around an object. (2.3)
Object > Text Wrap > Make The text must be below the object and the object must be the only thing selected!
What type of font is used on these flash cards (serif or sans-serif?) (2.3)
Create point type. (2.3)
Click once then type
Create paragraph type. (2.3)
Click and drag then type
Change the paragraph alignment or spacing. (2.3)
Paragraph panel
Change the kerning, leading, or horizontal scale. (2.3)
Character panel
Create a new graphic symbol using the currently selected object. (2.4)
Select a graphic, go to Symbols panel, new symbol , then change it from Movie Clip to Graphic
Use a symbol. (2.4)
Click and drag from the Symbol panel
Change the Workspace to Tracing. (3.1)
Click on the workspace menu > tracing
Duplicate an existing artboard. (3.1)
Artboard tool > new artboard
Change the artboard orientation to landscape. (3.1)
Artboard tool > landscape icon
Resize the artboard to 5" x 7" (3.1)
Artboard tool > input numbers
Change the options on any tool in the toolbar. (3.1)
Double-click the tool icon
Display the rulers. (3.2)
View > Rulers > Show Rulers
Clear all guides. (3.2)
View > Guides > Clear Guides
Change the display to Outline mode. (3.2)
View > Outline
Hide all guides. (3.2)
View > Guides > Hide Guides
What is the purpose of a bleed space? (3.2)
So that when the printer prints the image and cuts it, there isn't a white border
Display the perspective grid. (3.2)
Perspective grid tool
Create a Swatch from the current foreground color. (3.3)
Swatches panel > New Swatch
Add all colors used in the current document to the Swatches panel. (3.3)
Swatches panel > Add Used Colors
Apply a Swatch to an object. (3.3)
Go to the menu and click on the swatch
What is the definition of a tint? (3.3)
A tint is a lighter version of a color
What is the difference between spot and process color? (3.3)
Spot color is pre-mixed so it is the perfect hue every time
Process color is mixed differently every time
What is a color gamut? (3.3)
A color gamut is the range of hues between two colors or the range of colors in a color mode like CMYK or RGB
What is a Bezier curve? (3.4)
A Bezier curve is a curve made by the Pen tool with handles that allow you to change the way the curve curves.
What is a vector image? (3.4)
A vector image is a bunch of mathematical equations that equal a picture that can be resized infinitely without losing quality
What is a raster image? (3.4)
A raster image is an image, like that taken from a camera, that cannot be resized infinitely without losing quality but has the ability to be more complex
If you import an image from a digital camera, will it be a raster or vector image? (3.4)
What are the benefits to using each type of image, vector and raster? (3.4)
Raster: can be more complex, have drop shadows, easier to draw with than vector
Vector: resizable, smaller file sizes
What are the five types of custom brushes? (3.5)
Calligraphy, scatter, art, bristle, and pattern
Create a new Graphic Style from the currently selected object. (3.5)
Select an object, Graphic Styles panel > new
Add, delete, and rename layers. (3.6)
Rename: Double-click title
Add: new layer button
Delete: click the layer, then click the trash can
Move an object to another layer. (3.6)
Click and drag
Flatten all artwork. (3.6)
Flyout menu in the layers panel > flatten artwork
Create a clipping mask. (3.6)
Select both objects, then click the flyout layers menu and click create clipping mask
Export the file as a .TIF. (3.7)
File > Export... > TIF
Place a Photoshop file within an existing Illustrator file. (3.7)
File > Place
Create a new document with three artboards that are 800 x 800 pixels. (4.1)
File > New > Insert information
Draw a rectangle shape. (4.2)
Click and drag the rectangle tool
Which tool would you use to trace a design by hand? (4.2)
What is the difference between the Blob Brush and the Brush tool? (4.2)
Brush: Makes a path like the Pen Tool
Blob Brush: Makes a path around the stroke
What is the Width tool used for? (4.2)
To edit the width of different objects
Create type on a path using an existing path. (4.3)
Take the type tool and hover over the existing path, the symbol will change and you can begin writing
Image Trace an image using the Shades of Gray preset. (4.4)
Open the image, select the image, then go to Image Trace, then go to Shades of Gray
Add a 3-D Extrude & Bevel effect with an X-axis rotation of 90 degrees. (4.5)
Effect > 3-D > Extrude and Bevel > input info
Flip an object horizontally. (4.6)
Click the object, go to the transform menu thing, then click the fly-out menu, then click flip horizontally
Create a proof setup using US Web Coated SWOP v. 2 (5.1)
View > Proof Set-Up > US Web Coated SWOP v. 2
Add Crop marks to an existing image. (5.1)
Effect > Crop Marks
Save an image for the web using JPEG Medium quality. (5.1)
File > Save for Web > Preset > JPEG Medium
What is the purpose of slices? (5.1)
To define different boundaries of elements in a web page